Your Vintage American Girl Dolls Could Be Worth Almost $3,000

updated Oct 25, 2019
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What’s more American than apple pie? If you were a young girl in the ’80s or ’90s, the answer is actually an American Girl doll. (An original by Pleasant Rowland herself might just dethrone the patriotic pastry.)

Rowland founded the Pleasant Company in 1986 and started a childhood phenomenon with books, detailed dolls, and period accessories overflowing out of the toy chest. They were so popular that we’re guessing it’s highly likely a doll and a handful of her accessories still reside in your closet or are stowed away in an attic. These children’s toys are worth a pretty penny these days on eBay, especially the rare, discontinued dolls from the original historical collection that bring in bids of nearly $3,000.

Want proof? We rounded up some of the highest selling dolls that were purchased on eBay. Time to go searching for your dolls!

Credit: eBay

Signed Molly McIntyre, $2,999

This original Pleasant Company Molly McIntyre was made in 1987, so she was one of the earliest dolls produced. She was cleaned head to toe and her hair treated so it is soft. The Molly doll comes from the post-WWII era and includes her dog and full original outfit. American Girl retired her in 2013, making her hard to come by without a pile of cash.

Credit: eBay

Samantha Parkington, $1,590

Samantha Parkington dolls were one of the original historic dolls made discontinued in 2009, making originals exceedingly rare and valuable. This doll was stored away and in great condition. The fact that the doll represents the Edwardian era during historical movements for women’s rights and child labor laws also adds to her appeal.

Credit: eBay

Kirsten Larson, $1,400

The fact that this Kirsten Larson doll was in used condition didn’t diminish her value. She represents a Swedish girl born in 1854 who immigrated with her family to Minnesota. The doll came with books, accessories, and pieces of furniture. American Girl discontinued Kirsten in 2010, and the 1986 versions are especially sought-after by collectors.

Credit: eBay

Girls of Many Lands Kathleen Murphy, $999

The Girls of Many Lands dolls debuted in 2002 and ceased production in 2005. This Kathleen Murphy doll was in brand new condition and comes with her box. She represents Ireland during the global Great Depression in the 1930s and now represents a nice chunk of change. 

Credit: eBay

Felicity Merriman, $700

Felicity Merriman debuted in 1991 and was retired in 2011 (though the company brought her back in 2017). The original dolls, like this one, are rare and valuable. She comes from the American Revolution era and is worth more thanks to her like-new condition and full array of outfits and accessories.

Credit: eBay

Girl of the Year 2009 dolls, $575

This trio of Girl of the Year dolls included Sonali, Gwen, and Chrissa who spoke out against bullying in 2009. This extra special year brought Chrissa Maxwell and her two friends and each came with their original boxes. The limited-edition dolls started in 2001, then American Girl introduced Girl of the Year dolls annually to give voice to diverse backgrounds with inspiring characters.

Credit: eBay

Lea Clark and Rainforest House, $499.95

The Lea Clark doll came in the original box with her book. Her brand-new condition and the included rainforest house—complete with hammock and a parrot—made it a valuable set.