Your Old Pokémon Cards Could Be Worth Up to $12,500

published Jul 18, 2019
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Credit: eBay

You probably haven’t thought about Pokémon cards for awhile, but it might be time to start. And while not every card can pull in a four or five figure asking price, the rarest ones certainly can, making the whole catching-them-all thing definitely worth the effort.

It’s totally possible that a desirable Pokémon card is hiding right under your nose. Luckily, avid collectors are hunting for them on eBay. It’s time to get hunting for what remains of childhood games’ past and bring in a massive payday.

See below for just how much those cards could be worth:

Credit: eBay

Charizard, $12,499.99

This card has all the features of a valuable, rare piece of Pokemon history. It’s no surprise it went for such an astronomical price: it’s a Charizard holograph from the first-edition base set with the valuable shadowless error. The listing states, “The is card is sold as-is,” but clearly that didn’t deter eager buyers one bit.   

Credit: eBay

Blastoise, $6,304.95

This ultra-rare card is in gem mint condition. Blastoise was already rare back in 1999, but it’s even more coveted now. Plus, it’s a first-edition shadowless card that adds up to a high price.

Credit: eBay

Mewtwo, $3,599.99

This gem mint condition card comes from the 2001 Southern Islands set. Mewtwo is one of rarest and hardest Pokémon to catch in the games, so now this little critter’s card is worth way more.

Credit: eBay

Hitmonchan, $5,900

This rare Hitmonchan card comes from a first edition base set from 1999. It’s in gem mint condition, which is all but a pre-requisite for a top selling price. The image is shadowless, and the seller carefully preserved it in a sleeve for the last 20 years.

Credit: eBay

Venusaur, $3,000

After a 45-bid bidding war, this coveted first-edition card sold for $3,000. Not only is the card gem mint condition, it also features a holographic image of Venusaur and comes from the first edition. It dates to 1999 and back then, Venusaur was a main prize in the base set and popular.

Credit: eBay

This rare card features a valuable error on the image. It’s shadowless, so it’s missing a shadow to the right of the creature’s image. It comes from the first-edition base set and is in gem mint condition, an incredible feat after 20 years.