I’ve Tried Several Stylish Options for Hiding My Cat’s Litter Box and This Was by Far the Winner

updated Oct 24, 2023
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With all due respect to my beloved cat, Fat Lou takes a mean poo. Like I remind him, and the great Phoebe Buffay croons in her hit single, it’s not his fault. He eats like he’s still in the shelter, racing to get in every mouthful he can before the older cats smack him away. We’re working on it in therapy. In the meantime, I’ve been putting litter box enclosures to the test against the stench since we moved into our first NYC apartment together.

Not only did each cat litter box have to contain the consequences of Fat Lou’s potty breaks before the scooper and I could arrive on the scene, they also had to either look good or fade into the background of my decor. It’s probably why you’re even reading this, but let me tell you … it’s slim pickings out there on both fronts. The good news? I have a favorite.

It’s an oldie, but a goodie, the Baxton Studio Tamra 2-Door Litter Box Cover. Sadly, it’s gone out of stock. However, the Baxton Studio Elie 2-Door Cat Litter Box Cover House comes pretty darn close. Like the Tamra, it has magnetic doors, which allow me super easy access to the litter box, and a shelf-like entryway spacious enough for big ol’ Lou. It’s made from painted engineered wood, so the enclosure is lightweight enough to move around as needed, easy to assemble, and effortless to clean — even when hardcore chemicals are called for.

First used in place of a dresser in my 10′ x 10′ bedroom, I came to my senses quickly (they were hard to ignore) and moved the Baxton enclosure to the living room-cum-kitchen. Go ahead and cringe, but we all make due while livin’ small. Luckily, this enclosure made both spots not only totally livable and comfortable for guests, but very easy to keep clean.

But why not share a few other litter box hiding solutions as well? Here are a few favorites you and your cat will love.

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This Chewy litter box has an impressive two-story design that doesn't just fit with your decor, but it's also quite functional. The bottom compartment is where litter is housed and kitty enters from the top floor. That means the second platform catches the majority of any spills before it has a chance to make it to your floor.

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It's doubtful anyone would know this litter box enclosure actually houses litter! It seriously looks like a sleek entryway table perfect for a compact space. But under the top and middle shelves (which can hold up to 150 pounds) is a space just for your feline. There's a nearly eight-inch wide opening for your cat to enter and use the litter box.

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Is it a bench, perch for a cat bed, or a litter box enclosure? It's all of the above, actually. The wood design, which comes in six different colors, has essential interior and exterior features to love. The top can be used as an entryway bench or even house a cat's bed. Cats use the nine-inch wide opening to access the interior that's spacious enough for a rather large litter box.

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was $143.99

If your cat is constantly tracking litter out of the box, this might be a solution. The litter enclosure has double open doors (great for easy cleaning!) and the exit has a tray that's intended to catch any remaining bits. The litter enclosure is stackable and requires no tools for assembling.

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was $170.00

When Lou and I moved from Brooklyn into an even smaller apartment in (you guessed it) Manhattan, not only was my bedroom downsized, but his litter box hider had to be, too. Every detail mattered in this tiny apartment, which meant Lou's poo box ended up doubling as the side table our guests unknowingly placed their beverages on from time to time. Key word here: Unknowingly. Not that I'm in the business of keeping such dirty secrets, but guests never guessed that the Tucker Murphy Pet Haleyville Enclosure was actually where Lou did his business...until he'd clumsily attempt to climb through the hole on the side. It never seemed to bother Lou, but the size and level of the entryway did slow him down on the way in. For those with young, small, or otherwise spry cats, this enclosure is awesome. Again with the magnetic doors, it's easily accessible, spacious on the inside, and attractive on the outside. I'm giving this guy an 8/10.

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was $254.99

Then, Lou and I found a fully-furnished room in gorgeous Brooklyn Heights and had to take advantage of the opportunity. Included was this Lark Manor Elborough Armoire, which became Lou's litter box hider for a time. Listen: It worked. His litter box sat on the floor of the armoire with the door slightly cracked for Lou to access. Had we stayed longer, I'd have carved an entrance for him, but we relocated soon after moving in so the building could be rennovated. And while we were informed of the building closing by a housemate fed-up with management, we weren't technically booted because of Lou's poos. But they certainly didn't help our cause against tearing down the whole building. Situation aside, I'm giving the armoire a 7/10 as a litter box-hiding multitasker.