5 Editor-Tested Sectionals from Pottery Barn That Are Perfect for Lounging

published Oct 4, 2022
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Buying furniture online can feel like a lot of pressure to endure, from selecting a piece you like to ensuring it’s worth the price — especially if you’re unable to try it out first. No one enjoys the hassle of returning sofas, tables, and chairs; regardless of how much it costs. And there’s a skill in knowing what reviews you can trust and which to totally ignore. Taking all that into consideration, it might seem like going to a physical store is the better option by a long-shot; however, hold that thought. While it’s certainly more convenient to walk into a store and hopefully leave the same day with a new piece of furniture scheduled for delivery, the fact is that you’re a lot less limited online. For instance, there are a vast number of sofa styles available, and it’s a whole lot easier to find one that fits your aesthetic when your location isn’t working against you. It’s even better when you already have a brand or retailer in mind because that’s where AT’s Personal Shopper comes in. This series spotlights editor-tested sofas and provides first-hand information that you can rely on to make the best choice for your home. Taking inspiration from the editor-approved sofas in Pottery Barn‘s Personal Shopper lineup, here are the best sectionals you can buy right now.

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The Newport Sectional gets it lived-in feel from its platform-style frame and relaxed down-fill cushions, making it stand out among the higher-priced, trendy, luxury sofas of the same style by different brands. For that reason, it became the editors' pick for a Luxury for Less sofa that's both stylishly relevant and timeless. Keep in mind that this is a sectional for lovers of ultra-plush seating — the kind that sinks in when you sit and envelops its guests in comfort.

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It can't be denied: Double-wide seating makes for a luxe, superior lounging experience. This variation of the best-selling Big Sur sectional is optimal for movie nights since anywhere from two to four people can be seated facing forward and still have their own space to move around. Bonus: The cushion fill is a bouncy soy-based foam wrapped in a down blend that yields unbelievable comfort, all while maintaining clean lines and a sharp, modern look.

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Perhaps it’s the tautness of the leather upholstery or the buoyancy of the medium-firm seat cushions, but the Pacifica Sectional encourages you to sit comfortably upright with two feet on the ground. It’s a compact sofa overall, allowing more room for its cushions than its arms, and with the addition of a chaise, you can lounge for hours or take a few moments away from your WFH setup for a quick break. Plus, while this sectional doesn’t necessarily appear small, it's optimal for small spaces.

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The Pearce Square Arm Sectional's center wedge piece allows it to fit flush against an angular wall while maintaining its a softly rounded interior curve, which creates a comfortable sense of intimacy when multiple people are sitting on the sofa. And because its cushions are removable, the Pearce sectional is ideal for households with kids and pets. Pick the right easy-care performance upholstery and follow Pottery Barn’s recommendation to regularly vacuum the cushions, and the Pearce will become your household’s go-to.

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If you’re looking for abundant seating for a larger space, this version of the Dream sectional is it. With just enough structure to remain modern, its platform base and reclining pillow backrests lend an element of relaxation and coziness that gives an instantly lived-in (yet still brand-new) feel. Those who appreciate their space will love the Dream.