This Fireplace Is the Perfect Argument for Embracing Imperfection in Your Home

published Nov 24, 2022
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Credit: Erin Derby

It’s easy to want everything to look perfect in your home; your home is one of the few environments you have control over. When things aren’t flawless — however you choose to define that word — you may fixate on them. But sometimes these “imperfections” are actually the design elements you should embrace, the things that make your home unique and feel like you.

Katie Rogers fell in love with the “flaws” when it came to her Harlem apartment, which Apartment Therapy previously featured in a house tour. Built in 1920, this cozy 450-square-foot space features a stunning blue fireplace. It’s Katie’s favorite part of the apartment, despite having a mismatched tile. “I absolutely love the fireplace. It was what really sold me on the apartment and brings a lot of majesty and sophistication to the space,” Katie explained in her house tour. “The tiling is beautiful, and I love that there’s one dark blue tile off-center amidst the other turquoise tiles.”

Credit: Erin Derby

Another “imperfection”? The lack of storage in the apartment. However, that was another chance for unexpectedly eye-catching decorations. “When I moved in, there was very little kitchen storage space and I had to figure out where to put all of these pots and pans and do it in a way that didn’t feel cluttered or overwhelming,” Katie said. “I saw a picture of Julia Child’s kitchen where she has all of her wares hung up on a peg board and I loved it — almost like she was treating her pots and pans as works of art — so I did something similar. Now, it’s the thing I love most about my kitchen, and I’ll probably do it even when I eventually move into a bigger place with more storage.”

Whether it’s an off-colored picture frame or a chipped vase, what makes something just right for your home is totally up to you. As Katie put it in her house tour: “Basically, if you love it, then it’s beautiful and I can guarantee you can make it work in your home.”