This Emily Henderson-Approved Rug Hack Will Make You Feel Like You’re Walking on a Cloud

updated Jun 12, 2021
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When you’re spending lots of time at home, it’s only natural to start brainstorming projects to do and ways you can make changes to your space so it feels fresh and more comfortable. It may range from full room redos—if you’re lucky enough to have the space and budget for them—to smaller projects like rearranging your cabinets and drawers. I’ve done some decluttering and organizing myself, so now I’m all about upping the comfy and cozy factor.

While searching for easy and affordable ways to make spending basically all day in my apartment more comfortable, I stumbled upon this great tip from Emily Henderson: Instead of using a regular rug pad, try one that’s made of memory foam. Who knew these even existed? I first tested out a memory foam topper to make my college mattress more comfortable and then continued using one in my first apartment. But I never considered the possibility of using memory foam under a rug. I have to say, it’s a genius idea.

Most decorating experts agree that you really should be using some kind of a rug pad to prevent slippage, prolong the life of your rug, and protect your floor. So why not make your pad work even harder for you—by adding a cushy half-inch of plush to every step you take on it? While Henderson notes she first got her rug pad to add extra comfort to a thin Persian rug, I’m going to add one of these under my living room shag rug. Walking across the room to my kitchen will feel like floating on a cloud, and sitting on the floor for an extended period of time will actually feel doable, too.

Word to the wise—watch out for sizing issues. “The only downside is that if you get it EXACTLY the size of your rug then you can see the edge of it,” Henderson writes. “But if you get it too much smaller, then you can see the line underneath where it ends.” This isn’t typically an issue with standard rug pads because they’re so thin. Not to worry—find something as close to the size of your rug as possible and then just trim an inch or two off of the pad’s edges, so your rug runs slightly over it.

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