As a Cleaning Editor, This Is the One Gadget I’m Buying This Prime Day

published Jul 11, 2023
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Product photo of eufy Clean X9 Pro All-New Hands-Free MopMaster System
Credit: eufy

Happy Amazon Prime Day(s) to those who celebrate! As the Cleaning and Organizing Editor at The Kitchn, I have the great privilege (and trust me, it really is) of testing and trying out all kinds of new, innovative products to help homes everywhere sparkle. From solutions for cleaning greasy wooden cabinets to magical cast iron cleaning tools, we’ve tried it all. And this year, while it’s on major sale for Prime Day, I’m getting one gadget and one gadget only: the brand-new eufy Clean X9 Pro.

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Eufy is known for their innovative, sleek cleaning products that pack plenty of bang for your buck. We’ve told you about the self-charging robot vacuum, the handheld vac, and the cordless stick vacuum, all of which are extraordinary, but their newest product — the X9 Pro — is revolutionizing the robo-vac game. 

There are plenty of robot vacuums on the market, but this one blows its competitors out of the water. The X9 Pro is a multi-function, multi-surface cleaner that seriously does it all. With 99 percent accuracy, it uses lasers, A.I., and 3D mapping to build maps of your space so it can quickly navigate and clean your home, even in the dark. It’s so smart, it can identify any obstacles or objects, like wires, chairs, tables, slippers, sleeping pets, and more, without even touching them. It then remembers all of the mapping info and you can track all of your rooms, how it cleans them (whether mopping, vacuuming, or both), what obstacles were in its way, and how long it took. Plus, you can select No-Go Zones (like if you don’t want it touching your antique rug or your kids’ play mat), and even selectively clean rooms if you know your dining room or kitchen are especially dirty, like after a big get-together. But that’s just the beginning.

While other mop-vac robots often have trouble adjusting from mopping to vacuuming — whether the gap between floor and carpet is too big a hurdle, or the mop attachments get carpet wet and sticky — the x9 Pro uses smart technology to detect carpet and lift its mops to avoid these drawbacks. The dual rotating mop heads also apply just enough pressure to remove tough dirt and stains from any hard flooring. And if you’d prefer to be totally hands-free and not use the remote control, you can direct it using Alexa or Google voice control, too! Plus, if you have little ones, you can child lock the device itself to avoid any unwanted kid-initiated cleanings. All of this is made possible with the eufy Clean smartphone app

Of course, I, too, thought it was too good to be true at first. But in a test of the machine, I watched it quickly (and efficiently) map out an entire kitchen and living room, then switch seamlessly from mop to vacuum and hardwood floors to carpet without bringing any mess with it — devouring sauce spills, coffee grounds, pet hair, flour, and other messes like it was its job. (Okay, I guess it is.) I was especially impressed with its ability to clean without getting hairs wrapped around its brushes, which is a big pain point for lots of robo-vac owners.

To answer your next, very important question — how do you clean this deep-cleaning gadget? Simple. Just let it go home to its base, and it automatically cleans and dries itself with a dual-chamber liquid cleaning station and a hot air dryer to prevent buildup of bacteria and odors. 

While it’s a splurge, the Prime Day price is beyond worth it for this ingenious gadget. Originally $899.99, on July 11 and 12, it’ll be $180 off — for $719.99, which is a steal for everything it can do in your space. If you want your entire home’s floors and carpets to be vacuumed and mopped without you even having to think about it (or lift a finger), we suggest adding it to your cart ASAP before it sells out.

Buy: eufy Clean X9 Pro, $719.99 (normally $899.99)