I Ditched My Ironing Board for This Space-Saving Find — And It’s Only $15!

published Aug 27, 2021
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Credit: Simon Scarboro/living4media

I might be one of the few people I know who actually don’t mind ironing. Aside from the multiple household hacks you can accomplish with an iron, it’s still my preferred method of getting wrinkles out of my clothes. However, the relationship I have with my ironing board is a different story. Every one I’ve owned has been a space hog, until I eventually left them behind altogether. Living in a small apartment meant prioritizing the essentials, but the absence of one was definitely felt. You don’t get the same quality of ironing on a towel or blanket, and that method sometimes leaves clothing looking worse than when you started. I knew there was no way I could return to using a traditional ironing board, but in my search for alternatives, I came across the Evelots Magnetic Ironing Mat.

At first glance, the ironing mat looks like a sun shade for a car. It’s metallic silver and measures 33″ x 18″, a foot and a half shorter than a full-size board. The mat’s 100 percent cotton canvas fabric is reflective and heat resistant (a much safer situation than ironing on an old towel!). There are magnets on each of the four corners, held in place by the mat’s quilted design, that allow the attach to a washing machine or dryer without sliding around too much. If you don’t have a washing machine at home, the mat works just as well on a table, bed, counter, or other flat surface — the sturdier, the better!

Evelots ironing mat is also considerably easier to handle and more convenient than a standard ironing board. Like lots of folks who don’t have the luxury of having a washer and dryer at home, I trek to my parents’ place for my weekly laundry session. I can easily toss this mat on top of my laundry and take it with me when I go to wash clothes. Since it attaches to the washing machine, I am able take things straight from the dryer and iron as needed. That way, it could be done all in one go rather than waiting for everything to be cleaned before tackling the ironing as the next step (trust me, its worth it in the end). When it was time to take all my clothes back home, I folded the mat up and tossed into my tote bag with no trouble.

The portability and durability of the mat are some of its strongest features, outside of it being a perfectly suitable alternative for small spaces. It can be folded, crumpled; stored between the washer and dryer, or tucked under the bed or couch — all without being damaged. I’ve often travel with clothes that wrinkle easily in transit, so I plan to pack the mat on my next trip for any clothes that need a touch-up before I wear them out. The mat folds flat enough to fit into a suitcase, laid under the rest of my clothes. If you run out of room in your suitcase, it can be stuffed into a carry on, too!

The Evelots ironing mat checks off many boxes on my must-have list for items I can keep comfortably at home: small-space friendly, durable, easy to use, and highly effective. It also proves that ironing really can be a breeze, even without the bulky equipment.