Why Your Shower Knob Actually Belongs Outside Your Shower

published Oct 19, 2022
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Pretty shower with black tile, white shower curtain pulled aside

A shower with its knob placed on the outside might seem like a wild idea, but it surprisingly makes a lot of sense.

Over on Instagram and TikTok, real estate agent Anthony Rich Park recently posted about such a feature, and explained why every bathroom should have one. In his video, he shows the audience an expensive-looking bathroom with a shower knob located a few feet away from the actual shower. 

The reason for this design choice? Park said that it lets you warm your water without having to go in first. This is especially useful during the winter months, when you don’t want to get soaked in cold water while waiting for it to get warm.

This is genius,” he said. “You know, none of that trying to turn it on without getting hit by cold water nonsense.”

His followers agreed, saying that it’s an annoyance that many experience, yet people rarely talk about. 

“I have one,” said an Instagram commenter. “When we renovated our builder suggested it —every day when I turn it on, I silently send him a thanks.”

Adding one might be a little complicated if you’re not already planning a bathroom renovation, since the external knob will need to be installed with the proper plumbing for it to function.

If you do decide to pursue such a project, remember to include another valve under the shower, so you can adjust the temperature while bathing (and be able to turn the water on again when someone messes with the outside valve as a prank).