This $10 Amazon Hack Will Stop Your Curtain Rings from Catching — I Promise!

published Dec 16, 2022
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Have you ever gone to throw open your curtains in the morning with a dramatic swoosh that’s straight out of a Disney movie opening scene and then… they get stuck? Those who live with tension rod curtains or telescoping rods know the struggle. It’s that darn ridge — the joint of the pole — that catches every time! Maybe your curtain rod is up high, say, where the wall meets the ceiling. Then this task becomes a real groaner, as you jiggle the curtain rings over that tiny hump.

If you’re doing this every day, then you might’ve already given up on curtains. Maybe they just stay in a permanently fixed position at this point because getting them open and closed takes a step ladder and just too much of your time. But listen, don’t give up on window treatments! You can have curtains, even if you’re a renter. They can be functional and fuss free, too, with EZY Glide Tape: a transparent adhesive strip that transforms your curtain rod into one smooth route for the curtain rings (or curtain grommets) to slide over. No more catching or bunching — I promise!

All you have to do is apply the tape where the rod takes the weight of your curtains. You can do this without even removing the rod from its position. The entire DIY could take less than 5 minutes. Just make sure you have enough space between your curtain rod and curtain rings (or grommets) to accommodate the thickness of the tape — with a little extra clearance for sliding. 

As Carrie Bradshaw would say, “and just like that,” EZY Glide Tape smooths out your curtain opening and closing. Since taping off my own rods, I’ve noticed that the whole process is a quieter experience too, particularly if you have a metal on metal situation with your curtain rod and rings (though reviewers note that the tape works on wooden rods with wooden rings, too).

Generally speaking, any kind of curtain should work with this tape, too; it’s thick and sturdy, so it can work with velvets and heavier linens. The only issue you might have is with eyelet panels, which are super-delicate and can have divots in the fabric in the first place that will likely catch a bit no matter what. You can also use EZY Glide Tape with any curtain dividers, if you’re noticing snagging and sticking in that scenario as well. The best part has to be that this solution is stealthy; you don’t have to worry about the tape making your rods look bad. It’s transparent, so you won’t even really notice it!

The moral of the story: If you struggle with loud and cumbersome curtains that are always catching, try this budget- and DIY-friendly fix now. You won’t regret it, and this tape is a great thing to have in your toolbox for your windows.