5 Little Decor Swaps I Make Every Fall to Turn My Home into a Comfy, Cozy Nest

published Oct 17, 2020
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Some people basically make over their whole home’s decor for fall—cheeky door mats, wreaths made with autumnal foliage, pumpkin everything. I’m not one of those people. No shade to the seasonal decorators out there, but over the years, I’ve tried to shift my spending habits to include things that I’ll get lots of use out of, and I find it hard to justify spending money on items that only get pulled out of the cabinet once a year.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t lean into tweaking my decor to fit the season, though. Usually around the time the leaves start changing and the summer heat starts to (finally!) fade, I find myself craving a bit of change. I’ve found some subtle swaps that feel very fall-y (and wintery!), but can also be incorporated into my decor year-round, which makes the price a little easier to swallow. These are my go-to moves around this time of year to welcome fall and prepare for winter.

Credit: IKEA

Throw Pillow Covers 

Textures have the power to set the vibe in a space, especially in more neutral-toned homes. Fall is usually the time of year when I bust out the velvet throw pillow covers. If a white-on-beige living room is the decor equivalent of a pair of summery linen pants, soft knits and jewel tones are like a holiday party dress. This shift in fabric choice makes my space feel just a touch more cozy and ready for the cooler temps.

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Credit: Target

Shower Curtain 

Hear me out on this one: Swapping out my summertime floral shower curtain is less about styling my home for the season and more about tricking my mind into thinking I’ve fully redecorated the bathroom. It’s a low-cost, high-impact change that’s definitely worth the real estate a spare curtain requires in my closet.

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Room Fragrances

For the full sensory experience, try a new scent in the form of a musky candle or essential oil blend for your diffuser. This is especially invigorating if you’ve become a little “nose blind” to whatever fragrance you’re currently using. Since the pandemic means it’s still not safe to host guests, the way your home smells is for you more than it is for visitors. Switch things up so you get to really enjoy it.

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Credit: Garnet Hill

Flannel Bedding

Is yours a one-set-of-sheets household, or does your linen closet have stacks on stacks? In my apartment, I used to have a strict “rule” that meant one set for me and another for guests, but I’ve since chilled out (vacuum-sealed bags for bedding are a real game-changer where linen storage is concerned). Much in the same way that a shower curtain does, bedding holds a lot of power over the way a room comes together.

When I was a kid, my mom always made our beds with flannel sheets in the cooler months. Realizing that I’m a hot sleeper even in chilly weather though, I like to stick to cotton but will sub my all-white bedding for something a bit more colorful like terracotta. Even if it gets darker earlier right now, brighter bedding makes my bedroom feel a little more sunny and welcoming.

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Credit: Etsy

Plant Swap 

Whether bringing your plants inside after a summer spent on the porch or (like me) just shuffling them from the windowsill to the nightstand, moving your greenery around is another simple way to conjure the feeling of a fresh start. Another fun take on this tip is to switch the pots that house your plants! This works great if your green friends are growing in their plastic nursery pots, which are then nested inside of cache pots (the pretty ones that usually don’t have a drainage hole and can easily be swapped). Save any actual repotting for the springtime, when the growing season begins.

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