How to Transform Your Living Space on a Budget This Fall, According to Your Zodiac Sign

published Sep 14, 2021
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Credit: Julia Steele

There are many reasons to love fall. From chunky sweaters to autumn farmers markets and indulging in homemade pies, the energy is crisp and cozy. The changing leaves can also be synonymous with the change you want to see in yourself. Fall is a potent time for observing your habits, letting go of what’s no longer serving you, and creating a new routine.

As the air gets chillier and you spend more time indoors, having a cozy sanctuary to retreat to can help you connect with those things that are most important to you. Your living space is a reflection of who you are, and there are plenty of ways you can maximize yours this season to feel most aligned with yourself. You don’t need a big budget to transform your space, either; some creativity and openness to building new meaningful habits can go a long way. 

Take a look at your sun and moon signs below, especially given that your moon sign represents your deeper emotions and mood, to help you get ready for cozy season and feel in tune with yourself.

Aries: Upcycle Furniture

As the first sign of the zodiac, you are bursting with vibrant energy and novel ideas. You are a true initiator of change and see the potential in all things. You’re one to charge ahead on your vision — whether or not others can keep up or agree — and often amaze both supporters and doubters in the process. Upcycling furniture allows you to tap into your creativity by giving new life to old objects. Whether you paint old furniture a funky color or put a little elbow grease into reimagining mundane objects, you’re always up for a challenge. Get inspired by some of our favorite upcycled furniture ideas here, then play around with objects in your home or hit up your local thrift store for some inspo. 

Taurus: Declutter 

As a lover of material possessions, you can get into the habit of holding onto things even after you need them. (If you’re looking at your extensive candle collection and those impulse buys shoved in your closet, you know what I’m talking about.) Taking time to declutter this fall will give you a much-needed refresh, both internally and externally. Go through your closet and cabinets first before tackling furniture and bigger objects, while assessing how each possession makes you feel and how often you use it. Keep a donation box near your front door to avoid things piling up and as a reminder that it needs to leave. This doesn’t have to be done all in one day or weekend, but rather over time so you can be intentional about your process. When you start letting go of things that don’t serve a purpose, you can create room for new beautiful things that feel inspiring and meaningful.

Gemini: Create a Bulletin Board for Your Home Office

With your natural curiosity and creativity, there are a million ideas running around in your mind for projects you want to start. Zhuzhing up your workspace with a literal vision board as you grind away will help you feel less scattered and more focused. Hang a bulletin board above your desk or rest it on a shelf so that it’s in your field of vision as you work. As to what you cover your board with, think of it as your personal inspiration hub. It can display your calendar, photos, to-do lists, idea dumps, or quotes and positive affirmations. Feel free to change these out daily or weekly to keep things fresh according to what you need; some days you may need some motivation to meet your deadlines while others may call for reminders to rest and unplug. The key is listening to yourself in order to fuel inspiration and let ideas flow.

Cancer: Bring the Outdoors In

You are a true homebody, and profoundly connected to Mother Nature as the sensitive and intuitive water sign that you are. It’s important for you to have a cozy sanctuary that provides a sense of comfort and security. Bringing the outdoors inside this season can give your space a much-needed reset without breaking the bank. You can gather leaves, branches, and pinecones from your backyard and create art to hang on your walls or arrange a statement centerpiece for your next dinner party (whether virtual or in person). You can also head to the farmers market to pick up pumpkins, gourds, or dried corn and creatively place them on a mantel in your living room. Home is everything to you, and making it personal to you with DIY touches will help you feel most in tune with yourself. Check out this crafty list here to start gathering inspiration.

Leo: Restyle your Coffee Table

When you find something that lights you up, you go all in on it. As a born-and-bred initiator, you can take inspiration into your own hands (literally) by restyling your coffee table with books that reflect your current passion project. That way, you can fully immerse yourself in it while creating a vibe that speaks to your fun-loving personality. Whether you have books lying around your house or hit up your local bookstore or thrift shop, gather a stack of books that speak to your interests, whether that’s interior design, entrepreneurship, food, or travel. Of course, you can add any other knick-knacks that look aesthetically pleasing next to them, including flowers, plants, candles, or vintage objects. Have fun and get creative!

Virgo: Re-organize Your Bookshelves

Virgos live for crisp detail, like freshly-sharpened pencils and a well-curated bookshelf. It’s time to put your organization hat on this fall and do something about your overflowing bookshelves. Having a system where you can easily grab your current reads instead of them messily piling up in random places is both practical and sensible — two things you love. Feel free to get creative with how you curate your shelves, whether you stick to a theme, genre, favorite author, or decade. That way, when you make your way through your fall reading list, you can easily access the books and feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing one. You can stow away old books in bins (or donate them), and then change up your collection whenever it calls to you.

Libra: Style Beautiful Vignettes 

You have impeccable style and live for good aesthetics. As you’re symbolically represented by balanced scales, a harmonious home helps you feel in your element. Styling thoughtfully curated vignettes around your home adds a designer-worthy touch to your space while honing your eye for design. This simply involves grouping several objects into a beautiful arrangement that creates a snapshot or still life. Whether you play with color, light, textures, or a specific theme, use your creativity to tell a story and create an IRL mood board. This can also give you the chance to finally start your photography hobby, as you have an eye for finding beauty in unexpected places.

Scorpio: Build a Sacred Altar 

Scorpio friends, you have sharp, intuitive powers. When you are deeply connected with your desires, nothing will stand in your way as you work to achieve your goals. Creating a space in your home for meditation, manifestation, spellwork, or spirituality can help you feel laser-focused on what you most want. You can designate a corner, wall, or windowsill to place your altar, and fill it with your favorite meaningful items. This can be anything from crystals, candles, and photos of loved ones, to affirmation cards that resonate with you. Your altar can serve as a space where you set intentions either daily, weekly, or in line with the moon cycle to raise your emotional energy and live in line with your values. Or, it can be a quiet space to reflect and journal after a long day. However you want to use it to connect with yourself is completely and creatively up to you. 

Sagittarius: Start a Collection

You are worldly and cultured, and making your home a reflection of your stories, travels, or niche interests not only helps spark conversation for guests, but can be an incredible source of inspiration for you. Starting a collection of something meaningful to you is a wonderful hobby where you can explore your passions deeper. Whether it be postcards, vintage glassware, art from countries you’ve visited, or other knick-knacks, you can feel closer to the positive memories and learning lessons they bring. This can also be a way for you to keep building your bucket list of places you want to visit and experiences you want to have. Now, you can collect both stories and objects that inspire you to keep on dreaming and live life to the fullest.

Capricorn: Practice Feng Shui

It’s time to optimize your home to reflect your ambitious goals, Capricorn. Enter: the art of Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese philosophy of arranging your space harmoniously for good energy to flow can be an inspiration magnet. There are all kinds of principles to follow, from organization to object placement. Since you love learning new things and diving into rule books, Feng Shui can be an insightful process as you discover how to align the energy of your space with your goals. If you want to bring about wealth and prosperity, for instance, you can incorporate plants or create a wealth vase. If you want to sleep better at night to cope with stress, there’s Feng Shui for that, too. Practicing this ancient art gives you the energy refresh you need aligned with what you value most to get to where you want to go.

Aquarius: Go Green

As the humanitarian and revolutionary thinker you are, you’re inspired to bring about change to the world. That starts with your own habits and actions, like making your home a greener space. There are lots of little ways to be more eco-friendly in your home, from preserving food and composting leftovers to replacing paper towels and using LED light bulbs. You are highly innovative, so feel free to get creative with any scraps that hang loose around the house and find ways to repurpose them. If you have the capacity, you can try growing your own food and herbs or get crafty by making your own reusable food wraps. Building these green habits ultimately leads to not just having a space you love, but also one where you feel like you’re contributing to society. It’s the smallest of changes that can make the biggest of differences.

Pisces: Reorganize Your Kitchen 

Sure, you don’t mind a little mess as long as you generally know where things are. However, reorganizing your kitchen will be the game-changer you never knew you needed. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned pro in the kitchen (maybe somewhere in between), having everything you need organized and on-hand will help you feel inspired to get creative in the kitchen, and indulge your dreamy and sensitive side. For instance, when’s the last time you organized your spice cabinet? Instead of digging for cinnamon or vanilla extract everytime you need it, you can create a system for baking essentials and spices you regularly cook with. That way, you can let your intuition guide you as you sip and savor your way through delicious fall recipes.