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Shop Fall’s Biggest Trends at Blu Dot’s Annual Sale

published Oct 21, 2019
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Credit: Blu Dot

If you haven’t already heard, it’s the most wonderful time of the year: Blu Dot’s big annual sale is on and going strong until October 27! With 20 percent off their entire site, it’s the ideal opportunity to hop on some of fall’s biggest trends. While all of Blu Dot’s designs are decidedly modern classics, some are so of-the-moment we couldn’t not call them out. Whether you’re just looking for an on-trend accent or want to redo an entire room, here’s how to make the most of their sale before it’s over.

Credit: Blu Dot

Stick with the Bare Minimum

You know we’ve entered the golden age of Minimalism when subcategories start springing up on a weekly basis. 2019 has brought us organic minimalism, maximal minimalism, and even Mediterranean minimalism. Can the minimalist movement ever get too crowded? Ironically, we think not.

Start with some open concept hacks like sticking with one rug—and make it a good one. Blu Dot’s Light Between Rug has low-key color blocking down to a T. Its two simple tones do the bare minimum to maximum effect. Similarly, stick with one streamlined sectional, like the Bonnie & Clyde, rather than multiple pieces to keep up with an open concept.

Next, let’s talk about lighting. LEDs have given Minimalism free reign over this department, and Blu Dot’s designs are basically the beacons leading the lighter lighting movement. Their Bobber Pendant Lights are a prime example, bringing in lots of light with a bare minimum of fuss. The Note Floor Lamp and classic Perimeter Table Lamp are also doing much, much more with less.

Credit: Blu Dot

Get Perfectly Perforated

Perforations are everywhere, with cane making its biggest comeback since the ’70s and wicker coming up not far behind. Lightening up your space with these types of pieces, however, remains timeless.

Again, Blu Dot somehow seems ahead of the trend with their perfectly perforated Hot Mesh Armchair, which is also available as a café chair, lounge chair, barstool, and counter stool. Likewise, their Dang Media Stand features a perforated front that’s perfectly on-trend while also letting you access your cable box with a remote even when the doors are closed.

Lighting and accessories are also no stranger to this trend—just take a look at Blu Dot’s Filter Table Lamp and Laika Lighting Collection. Whether woven rattan or perforated steel, these pieces bring lightness to your space in more ways than one.

Credit: Blu Dot

Stay Neutral

One trend is for sure: 2019 is a complicated place. So it’s no wonder that many of us are getting the urge to retreat to calm neutrality at home. If taupe and greige aren’t your new BFFs quite yet, get to know them and you’ll be a better person for it. Blu Dot can help in this department since almost all of their designs come in delightfully neutral (but somehow never boring) colorways. Anchor your space with a luxe but understated Cleon Sofa in Craig Sand. Then, round things out with the Circula Coffee Table in white and your space will seem downright Swiss in terms of neutrality.

Lest you think neutral means boring, make a statement with interesting materials, shapes, and surfaces. A Right Round Marble Dining Table brings in a luxe touch while keeping neutral hues in check, while any of Blu Dot’s Hang 1 Mirrors (they come in drops, circles, ovoids, and squares) can bring some fun to any room with style and grace. With a Nook Bed in Thurmond Light Grey, your entire space can become a zen retreat in which to escape the trials and tribulations of adulting in the modern age.

Trends come and go, but we think all of these designs have a long life ahead of them. If Blu Dot’s bestsellers are any indication, what’s modern now will be a classic in no time. But now is still the best time to buy, so shop before October 27 to save 20 percent on everything.