4 Simple Ways to Fake an Open-Concept Layout

published Sep 5, 2019
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We love the airy, spacious feel of an open-concept floor plan, but the sad truth is that many homes and apartment aren’t set up that way. Before you scroll through real estate listings or pick up a sledgehammer and kiss your sweet security deposit goodbye, we have some advice: Don’t.

The truth is, the lack of an open-concept floor plan isn’t the end of your design dreams. In fact, there are a few ways to fake the look in your existing space. Below, four ridiculously easy ways to get the feel of an open-concept space in your home.

Keep Walls Simple

Leaving your walls painted plain white and keeping artwork to a minimum will draw less attention to the fact that your floor plan does, in fact, include dividers. Shiloh Enoki’s Los Angeles rental has plenty of nooks and crannies; however, it looks surprisingly calm thanks to its pared-down walls.

Activate an Open-Door Policy

If your apartment has a bedroom area that’s sectioned off with doors, go ahead and keep them open in order to provide the illusion of an open floor plan. This simple staging strategically can make a potentially claustrophobic layout feel like a soothing oasis. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this Brooklyn house tour.

If you’re a homeowner—or if your landlord grants you permission—you could even remove the doors entirely. (Psst… it’s an awesome solution for anyone who lives alone.)

Credit: Liz Calka

Get Creative with Furniture Placement

Pro tip: Arranging furniture as you would in an open-plan space will add intrigue and make your space look less cookie-cutter. This Washington, D.C. house tour enlists a long lounge to exude the laid-back, peaceful vibe open-concept layouts often exude.

Stick to Just One Rug

Most open-concept dwellers use different rugs to divide one big space, but who’s to say it can’t work the other way around? Take a cue from this Los Angeles house tour and choose a particularly striking rug, but keep the rest of your space bare.