This Is How My 100-Piece Whitney Houston Collection Helped Me Heal Life
It helped me find connection again after an unimaginable loss.
Nov 14, 2023

After decluttering, it can be hard to recognize your space as truly your own. And that's where recluttering comes in. Recluttering isn’t about buying more stuff (though that’s fine, too). Instead, it’s a celebration of your stuff — stuff that you just want to hold on to, stuff that makes you happy, stuff that makes you feel nostalgic for a moment, a memory, or a loved one. A home without your things hardly feels like a home, and your space should be filled with pieces that make you smile. So dive into these stories about how people have recluttered, and find your own reasons celebrate the stuff that surrounds you.

“Recluttering” Is the Celebration of Stuff You Need Right Now
Less is not always more.
Nov 14, 2023
For My Husband and Me, Clutter Brings Us CloserLife
It’s brought us closer to our interests — and each other.
Nov 14, 2023