The Game-Changing Tasting Glasses That Make Me Appreciate Coffee More Than Ever

published Nov 3, 2021
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Young woman measuring and pouring roasted coffee beans into coffee machine and preparing coffee at home in the early morning.
Credit: d3sign | Getty Images

I’ve loved coffee since taking my first sip from my father’s cold mug when I was seven. In fact, as I write this, I’m taking my time with a cup of hours-cold coffee. The only change (besides twenty years) is that now I’m drinking it from a Stagg tasting glass from beloved kitchen brand Fellow. It’s made all the difference when it comes to how I start my days and enjoy my favorite simple pleasure.

I’ll start by saying that, as much as I wish I could call myself a connoisseur, I’m merely a coffee fanatic. I have my go-to blends and am always trying new ones, but I just about always have a fresh(ish) cup of coffee nearby at any given time. I have a French press for hosting, a moka pot for espresso, a pour-over set for everyday, a Mr. Coffee for nostalgia, a Chemex for special blends, and about 6,000 “favorite” mugs. The mugs, though, became understudies when the Stagg glasses came into the picture. I began experiencing coffee for all of those little tasting notes that had previously (and quite embarrassingly) been lost on me.

The Stagg glasses, which come as a set of two because they’re an experience worth sharing, have a flared lip that delivers your coffee to the entirety of your palate. In all of my years of unintentionally searing the center of my palate with gulps of hot coffee, I took a sip with this glassware, and as warmth spread across my palate from edge to edge, I tasted new impressions of a coffee I’d had countless times before. I became obsessed. With my Stagg pour-over kettle (aka the coffee tool that started it all for me and heats water to the perfect brewing temperature every time) in tow, I was able to brew coffee really well. And with the Stagg glasses, I was finally able to get those pleasant, formerly mysterious notes of raisin, tobacco, chocolate, berries, and even citrus.

My brewing routines are no more complicated than they were before I found the Stagg set, yet my personal coffee journey has taken a huge leap. So if you’ve been looking for a way to up your coffee game, this is it. Just keep in mind one consequence of trying them out: The amount of time you spend shopping for coffee may increase dramatically.