The Cheap Outdoor Item You Can Turn into a Chic Window Treatment

published May 17, 2023
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View of someone walking out the door of their kitchen to the outside. Kitchen has a tall wood storage hutch, and a ceiling shelf with teapots, baskets. You can see a hint of a black and white painted cabinet
Credit: Erin Derby

When designer Kim White moved into her 600-square-foot Brooklyn apartment, it came with some definite upgrades compared to her previous 296-studio apartment in the same building. Not only does it almost double her last home’s square footage, but it also has an outdoor garden area that’s accessible through the kitchen. 

Because windows and a glass door look out onto her backyard, White thought it was only fitting to invite the outdoors in through stylish design decisions. For example, she closely mirrored the concrete outside when picking the kitchen flooring, and a table attracted her because of its “organic qualities.” But one of the most nifty choices that ties the exterior into the interior space is how she used a piece of her outdoor fencing in the kitchen. 

Credit: AT Video

A part of her fence became an affordable addition to her kitchen window.

To create a stunning window valance, White took a piece of the fencing from her backyard, cut it, and attached it to the top of the frame. These window coverings draw your eye up while adding color and texture to an otherwise blank space. And if you love this look, but don’t have any fence material at your house, here’s a pretty similar option to order online. 

If you’re looking for unconventional window coverings, look no further than White’s idea. It’s an affordable way to create a conversation piece because of its texture, look, and origin story. And if you have some fencing material left over, it’s a creative way to avoid waste. If your aesthetic allows, there’s something to be said about using outdoor elements to complement interior spaces. 

“A lot of the details outside feel like what you’d find indoors,” White says. “And that’s what makes the entirety of this space feel so homey and cozy for me and everyone that I’m able to invite to share my home.” 

The valance hack isn’t the only smart and chic design choice that White made in her space. To see how she beautifully decorated her home, check out the full tour

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