A $5 Five Below Disco Ball Becomes the Sparkliest DIY Planter

published Sep 28, 2023
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Credit: Jessica Rapp

Disco ball decor is showing zero signs of slowing down, but you don’t have to break the bank to get in on the throwback trend. In fact, one TikToker made a DIY disco ball planter using a $5 mirrorball from Five Below, and with a few tools and a little bit of patience, you can copy the idea for your own plant collection.

TikTok user @alissavolkov purchased a few of the six-inch disco balls in pink and blue, and used a box cutter to remove the top portion of the disco ball so the planter could be inserted. She then used a color-coordinating Sharpie to match the white foam to the mirrorball’s hue, gluing the removed mirrored pieces to the upper rim of each planter. She then inserted the planter into the empty space, showing off the most glittery, glam addition to any plant garden on the planet. 

Over on Instagram, she noted that she removes the planter from the disco ball when watering to avoid any moisture from seeping into it. One user suggested coating the inner portion with an acrylic sealant or something similar for extra protection, but she noted that she’s had the planters in use for six months and has had no issues. You could use pretty much any small planter you like, and she fills hers with philodendron silver swords for maximum greenery in her indoor plant garden.

She calls the quick, budget-friendly project “the perfect statement piece addition to any boho, colorful home,” adding, “I’ve made a few of these and I am absolutely obsessed! It is the perfect funky addition to add to my eclectic home.” 

And while you can certainly purchase a premade version online for under $20, it’s hard to beat the cool factor of DIYing a disco ball planter yourself for just $5. In fact, it’s downright groovy.