This Furniture Collection Can Be Built In Minutes, No Tools Needed

published Oct 22, 2019
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Considering how much of a headache assembling and moving furniture can be, we totally understand why tons of folk have taken a liking to the convenience of the flat-pack design. It’s a godsend for those who’d rather not exert too much energy by fumbling around with cumbersome tools and assembly instructions.

And as is the case with NOMAD.LONDON’s newly launched Model 19 flat-pack subscription service, the alternative approach to traditional furniture also accommodates millennials who opt of home ownership, or as the brand dubs its target audience, “Generation Rent.” 


Although there’s still ongoing debate over precisely how many of the 35 and under crowd are actually buying homes, there’s clearly a demand for flexible furniture options and Model 19 certainly delivers on its promises. Designed by London-based practice Henning Stummel Architects, NOMAD made Homes and Property UK’s designers to watch list. Each piece in the collection can be assembled without the use of tools, screws or glue.  The sections simply fit together with the assistance of precisely designed grooves that allow for a quick and efficient assembly process. 


“As before each chair is made of five pieces that simply slot together. All larger parts have neat horizontal holes-these are convenient handles, that make it really easy to pick up and move a chair around. In the dismantled state these carry holes neatly lined up, so that all components can be picked up in one hand,” explains Stummel in a press release.

Additionally, each item consists of a single sheet of plywood, roll of fabric, or hide so as to reduce the amount of waste produced during manufacturing. 


Included in the simple, sustainable NOMAD flat-pack range are the SOFA 2019, available laminated, combined, or birch ply finish and weighs about 33 lbs. Other seating options include an armchair that weighs less than 22 lbs. and comes in black, plywood or a black and plywood combo. There’s a child-sized chair, a smaller version of the armchair than can also function as a pet chair. Customers can also add corduroy upholstery to the sofa or the chairs; the three available colors are Mustard Yellow, Teal Blue and Orange, but additional shades are also available upon request.