This Piece of Equipment Easily Helps Me Fit a Workout Into My Day Even When I Don’t Have Time

published Dec 28, 2022
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To some, working from home might seem like a surefire way to have your day at your disposal. Because there’s little to no commute, you’d think it’s near effortless to plot your schedule out however you like, which means more time to get errands and other plans out of the way around work time. Going to the gym used to be a regular part of my week, but being at my apartment more often, I amped up my home fitness routine over the past couple of years. I thought that would mean easily finding time to work out, but quickly learned that even when most of your schedule keeps you indoors, it’s just as much of a challenge making time for wellness without sacrificing sleep or other tasks on your to-do list.

I have workout equipment at home, such as weights, yoga mats, and a fitness mirror; but because it doesn’t have a dedicated room and much of it requires more space than I usually have available, I can’t use it without moving items around first. That small inconvenience ends up being a big issue when I only have a tiny window to squeeze in some exercise and not enough time to drive to the gym. The solution I came up with was to start shopping around for an elliptical or bike since they seemed to keep the workout contained to how much space they take up. However, ergonomic furniture brand Flexispot opened my eyes to a product I hadn’t considered: The Deskcise Pro V9, a bike with an attached desktop that allows you to workout while you work from home.

I know, bike workstations are often treated like a joke in movies as a tool for the overly-driven boss that calls on their employees with an abundance of energy at all times. But hear me out: Flexispot’s Deskcise Pro V9 is the real deal, no kidding. I thought for sure there was no way I’d be able to multitask with work and exercise combined, but it was a smoother fusion than it seemed before I tried it myself. Most of my day is spent writing with the occasional meeting, so combining a block of writing time with a workout session was a breeze. I’m more awake and alert while exercising, which actually helped me to write since my thoughts could flow while my feet did the pedaling. Other than sitting correctly, I didn’t have to worry about proper form, and my day didn’t come to a halt so I could get in the car to go to the gym, which ultimately made me feel good since I didn’t have to cancel working out altogether. 

If the last thing you want to do is put together fitness equipment, then the Deskcise Pro will arrive like a breath of fresh air. With the exception of the desktop, the bike comes fully assembled, which was a pleasant surprise to me since I’d recruited unnecessary help to put it together before unboxing it. When it arrives, the seat is in its lowest position and the legs are folded in line with the body of the machine. Once I put the desktop on and pulled the wheels out to the sides, all that was left to do was figure out the correct height for the seat and the desk before it was ready to use. After it was set up, I loved how the bike looked. First, it took up less space than expected, which was fantastic because the room it’s in isn’t very big. The wheels roll smoothly, even on carpet, so I could move it around at will. Second, it looks more sleek than expected. I got the Deskcise Pro in black, but it’s also available in white, and I thought it would be clunky in my office, but it’s a surprisingly stylish and convenient piece of equipment to have when I can’t make time to leave home. There’s even a cup rest for a drink!

Credit: Britt Franklin

Unlike heavy-duty exercise machines, Flexispot’s bike workstation doesn’t need to be plugged in to use. Instead, you’ll need to put in two AA batteries for the digital display to work: It tracks the duration of your exercise, your speed, distance, calories burned, and the wheel speed. The only one I typically pay attention to is the exercise time since I try to do at least 30 minutes of cardio if nothing else, but it’s good to know the machine can keep up with more than that in case I ever need it. There’s also a magnetic dial that allows you to adjust the resistance level from one to eight for a more impactful workout. One of my misconceptions about bike workstations was that they were only for light workouts to keep you moving, but I know now that I was wrong. If you don’t have a lot of time and want a more challenging workout, you can certainly get it on this machine. Also, if you do want an easier bike ride without a lot of effort, just keep Deskcise Pro’s resistance low and you’ll get that, too.

All in all, the Deskcise Pro is the epitome of “Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.” It’s great for small spaces, especially since the desk folds down and the legs can be tucked in for storage when you aren’t using it. It provides a good cardio workout if that’s all you have time to fit into the day, and you can do it while you work, read, watch a movie, or are on the phone with family (or your best friend who moved states away). I still use it while working at times, but have also expanded my use outside of work, such as days when I’m cleaning or when there’s horrible weather outside. Everything I thought about bike workstations was wrong, and I couldn’t be happier to be corrected. Otherwise, I would have missed out on a piece of workout equipment that’s perfect for my limited space and schedule.

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