This Bed Tent Takes Glamping to the Next Level

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Credit: Amazon

Let’s be real: Camping isn’t for everyone. If you’re not outdoorsy, perhaps you’d prefer to go glamping or backyard camping. If you like the idea of going camping but even those options are still a little too outdoorsy for you, we found the perfect solution: a bed tent.

The bed tent is exactly what it sounds like: a tent that mounts on top of your bed. It’s basically a tent without a bottom so you can get the feel of camping without actually having to leave your comfy bed behind. There’s something about being inside of a tent, whether you’re inside or outside, that makes everything feel cozier. And this captures that feeling perfectly.

The bed tent comes in two sizes: twin and full/queen. There are tons of colors to choose from, including charcoal, blue mint, gray, and pink. You can also buy a bundle that comes with an additional net tent.

Amazon reviewers rave that the bed tent is great for kids who like to build pillow and blanket forts. One parent says her sons, who share a room, love having them on their beds so they can have a bit more privacy. But it’s not just for kids. If you’re an adult who wants a bed tent, we fully support you.

Think of all the things you could do inside of a bed tent. You could read, work, study, watch TV, meditate, and take a nap. If you need some privacy, you just close the flaps. It’s also great if you sleep in a drafty room. The tent blocks drafty wind and circulates air inside through a vent so you can enjoy a warm, cozy night’s sleep.

We can’t believe we’re just now finding the bed tent, but we also can’t imagine our lives without it. Order one now for your next glamping trip.