This Flowering Floor Lamp Literally Blooms When Lit

published Feb 22, 2023
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Design content creators Josh Jessup and Matt Moss often attract masses to their social media accounts for their interior decorating journey. Their home in Melbourne, Australia, is filled with unique finds, and their joint TikTok account documents all of the goodies that they come across, including a lamp that literally blooms.

You may have previously seen their renovation projects or road trip vlogs, and they’re currently recreating a conversation pit. In a recent video, the couple shared a lamp that they found while furnishing their space.

In a separate video, Jessup and Moss described the lamp as adding  a “Coraline” vibe to the room, since its blooming flowers resembled the Fantastic Garden from the stop-motion movie. 

“[The arms of the lamp] are also adjustable so they can be shaped to your liking, and night is when they really come alive,” Moss said. “Glowing like the flowers in ‘Coraline,’ we are so obsessed with them.”

The flowering floor lamp, also known as Poppy, is from German lighting brand Serien Lighting. According to their site, the “poppy flowers” are activated while turning the switch on, which releases the shades. And it comes in three colors: black violet, red, or ceramic.

In order to produce the flowering effect, the bi-metallic leaves expand when heated. The couple decided to swap out the color of the lamp’s leaves, which left the Poppy looking extremely colorful.

The version that they own has five “arm” extensions ($937), but it also comes in other sizes: the three-arm ($739), single arm ($532), table lamp ($379), and more.

In the comment section, someone compared the flowery aspect of Poppy to IKEA’S RAMSELE pendant lamp ($79). Although it’s not identical by any means, IKEA brings the floral vibes for much less. 

It’s definitely an investment, but the consistent dopamine from watching the leaves on the Poppy lamp open may be worth the purchase.