The One Thing That Really Ties a Room Together, According to Real Estate Agents

published Aug 30, 2019
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Rugs: They really tie the room together. At least, that’s what The Dude said—and actually, what, among other things, real estate agents think, too. While you may not automatically register agents as design experts, remember—they’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of rooms in all different shapes, sizes, budgets, and life stages. And while many things in the real estate market constantly shift, there’s at least one constant they can fall back on: A room always needs a focal point that easily allows potential buyers to differentiate the space from the tens (or hundreds) of other homes they’ve seen. (It’s the method of loci, after all!) And often, this piece will also be the statement that makes a room feel cohesive.

So what exactly should you allow to take center stage when styling your home? Here, four agent-approved options:

It’s all about the art

“To make a room truly stand out, you need artwork. When a striking work is combined with minimal furniture it can give a room a sleek ‘gallery’ feel. This is especially effective in historic homes that feature ornate craftsmanship like carved wooden doors or ornate molding. It allows buyers to focus on the home’s architectural details and also serves as a great conversation starter. The art should be eye level and spaced well.”—Jason Burke, an agent with Citi Habitats in New York City

Credit: Minette Hand

Amp up the light with a stylish fixture

“Lighting is the one focal piece in a room that gives the room style. Not only does the design of the chandelier, lamp, or pendant totally dictate the feel of the room, but the way the light fixture and natural light also illuminate and brighten the room makes a huge difference as well. Remember this: Buyers are buying light, walls, space and vision.”—Brittany Patterson Hill, an agent with The Patterson Group in Alexandria, Virginia

Anchor the room with a statement rug you love

“A colorful statement rug that compliments the colors of the room and pulls all the tones together will make your home memorable and create harmony. Coordinating throw pillows and art to balance the rug will only enhance the space.”—Rose Sklar of The Sklar Team at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Florida in Weston, Florida

Use what’s already in the room

“The fireplace is an easy focal point in any room, especially if it’s constructed of exposed brick or has a contrasting color/pattern to the walls. That’s why so many people build their rooms around their fireplaces. Whether it’s hanging a TV or artwork above the fireplace, you can build off this focal point by accessorizing the mantle or placing objects to the sides of the fireplace to create an asymmetrical balance and soften the focal point a bit.”—Ryan Fitzgerald, of Raleigh Realty in Raleigh, North Carolina

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