This TikToker Created a Whimsical Forest-Themed Bed Canopy

published Apr 26, 2023
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Credit: Minette Hand

With TikTok fueling themes like cottagecore, dark academia, coastal grandmother, and the other design and style aesthetics, it’s nice to see originality that still intertwines these aesthetics with a personal spin. For one content creator, creativity is her thing, and she’s inspired her audience once again with a whimsical forest-themed bedroom.

With the intention of creating a whimsical yet relaxing forest-themed bedroom, interior designer TayBeepBoop has a variety of miniature projects like fixing a broken mirror and creating fake sticks to drape a canopy.

To hang up the canopy, Tay envisioned that two giant sticks would add a charming touch to the room’s theme, so she purchased thin wooden dowels and used foam air drying clay to mimic a stick. After adding the clay to the dowel, she made sure to form branches for a realistic look and spray-painted them brown. 

Once the two sticks were ready, Tay used fishing wire and small hooks to make the sticks look like they were floating above the bed. The canopy was draped over the sticks, and the result looked magical — especially with the Anthropologie wallpaper in the background.

As if the room wasn’t feeling enough like a forest, she ended up painting the ceiling of the bedroom green with Benjamin Moore’s Perennial paint. And in the corner of the bedroom, Tay used a body mirror that was delivered broken to create a fitting DIY to match the ambiance of the room. By placing preserved moss in between the cracks and on the outline of the mirror, the item looked much better than it did upon arrival.

Sleeping under a canopy like Tay’s sounds like a fairy or woodland spirit’s dream come true, and the process to create the sticks to hang them up doesn’t look that difficult. She’s the DIY queen for a reason!