The Soothing Room Spray That Makes Friends Ask How My Home Smells So Good

published Jun 26, 2023
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Imagine you’re sitting next to an open window, listening to a rainstorm sprinkle down through the leaves of trees nearby. Can you hear it? Now imagine you’re outside standing among the trees during the storm. You know that smell — that earthiness and greenness that lifts up around you? It’s hard to replicate. But lucky for me, I can do just that every day.

It’s all thanks to Roots & Crowns Apothecary in Portland, Oregon, and their Forest room spray. Owner and certified herbalist Max Turk created the blend from essential oils directly from trees — specifically, cedar and juniper.

“Forest Spray was created from the desire to have a portable version of the therapeutic benefits one gets from a walk in the woods,” Turk says. “We know that trees release phytoncides which literally reduce our human stress hormones. These benefits come from being around trees, but particularly by smelling their oils.”

That’s partially why forest bathing is popular and meditative. Walking in the woods helps you relax — and the phytoncides can have other health benefits as well, like boosting your immune system, lowering blood pressure, reducing fatigue, and potentially even speeding up how quickly you recover from surgery

Turk suggests using Forest Spray for grounding, cleansing energy, and “getting a dose of forest medicine.” I like to spray it in my office while I’m working, to take the edge off being inside at a desk. It’s not super heavy like a lot of other room sprays, so it truly just enhances my ability to work and relax without forcefully invading my mind with scent. My other favorite thing to do with it? Spray it in the shower when I get in so I feel like I’m out in the woods in a storm.

My other favorite from Roots & Crowns is the You’re OK Mist. It’s part of the You’re OK collection, which also has a perfume roller, a tincture blend, an essential oil diffuser blend, a bath soak, and an herbal tea.

“All of them are formulated to reduce the stressors of daily life and their impact on our bodies and minds,” Turk says. “The You’re OK line is not to say ‘everything is fine,’ but rather, ‘you’re OK from moment to moment even when things are not OK.’”

Turk chose all of the oils for this spray based on how they interact with nerves in the brain. Lavender calms the entire nervous system; ylang ylang can balance anxiety and stress and lower our blood pressure; and clary sage and geranium promote relaxation.

I use this one (also in my office, go figure) when I’m feeling overwhelmed or like I’m too stressed out to function. I like to spray it around my house as well, to calm both the pets and the other inhabitant (you’re welcome, husband!). The spray is gentle, but it’s powerful — I use just one or two spritzes when I’m anxious and I can feel my whole body relax. It’s like the first deep breath you take after you get out of a stressful situation: cleansing, refreshing, and calming.

The one thing I haven’t tried is spraying them at the same time, but I think it’s about time. What could possibly beat a super-chill walk in the woods?