Feeling Stressed? These Meditation Apps Are Free Right Now

published Mar 22, 2020
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It’s understandable if the current news cycle has you feeling more than a little bit anxious or overwhelmed. If you’re quarantined at home due to the growing coronavirus pandemic—which is putting normal life on pause for most Americans for the foreseeable future—there’s no better time than the present to begin a regular meditation routine. Trying to get your zen on has never been easier than right now, thanks to these free meditation resources.

Simple Habit, an app that works for both iOS and Android devices, is unlocking their premium memberships for those impacted by the pandemic through the month of April, which means that meditation plans and collections designed specifically for stress and anxiety are free to try. With topics including self-care, easing fear, mindful communication, and guided yoga, there’s a wide range of options to explore no matter what emotions you’re feeling or challenges you want to help tackle.

Another popular meditation app, Calm, is sharing a slew of free resources for those in need of a bit of mindfulness in this turbulent time. Noting that there’s so much uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, the folks at Calm have curated a collection of music, guided meditations, sleep stories, and more for people of all ages who might be struggling with everything currently going on right now.

If you’re the proud owner of Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband ($149.99), you’re in luck, because you can now use your Muse to find Calm in the Chaos, a collection of free meditation resources to help you focus less on your stress and more on staying present—no easy feat for even the most cool, calm, and collected among us right now.

There’s also Stress Less, a collection of 20 guided meditations by world-renowned practitioners, available for free within the Muse app (available for iOS and Android), along with daily live online group meditation sessions on their Instagram Live page, so you can easily find ways to fit meditation into your ever-changing schedule amid the pandemic.

And since you’re already spending endless hours scrolling through Instagram, why not use it to help your mental health—instead of feeling frazzled or depleted? Plenty of popular Instagram influencers are taking this opportunity to help their followers stay motivated, grounded, and connected through meditation amidst the chaos.

Some top picks include yoga instructor Denisse Monge, who teaches her followers about the importance of meditation for self-care. Health coach Robyn Youkilis is sharing easy-to-follow meditation sessions whether you’re enjoying some solitary time in the outdoors or getting your little ones in on the action.

Yoga teacher Phylicia Bonann is sharing sound baths designed for meditating. Sound bathing is a technique in which you use a series of repetitive noises to help guide yourself into a meditative state. It’s an ancient technique that is believed to help your health and well-being, and it’s rising again in popularity as tech users aim to ease their stress and heal their minds.