Your Week of Free: 14 Free Trials to Sign Up For (And Then Cancel, if You Want)

published Mar 18, 2023
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There’s no such thing as a free lunch — unless it’s a free trial for a meal service. And there are lots of free trials out there that offer valuable services and subscriptions totally for free for seven days, 14 days, and sometimes even up to a month. From streaming to shopping to fitness, here are 14 free trials that will let you try some of the most useful subscriptions across the internet.

But there’s one trick to keep in mind to make sure these free trials actually stay free. Caitlin Earle, owner and CEO of Budget BFF, warns that the catch is when you forget about the free trial and continue paying in perpetuity. Luckily, she has a tip to avoid falling into that trap: “I love free trials, but put the date to cancel in your calendar with a reminder!”

With that in mind, get ready to start signing up for (and putting reminders in your calendar to cancel!) these 14 free trials that are totally worth it.


Earle suggests looking into free trials where the benefits will stay with you long after the free trial period is over. “A free 30-day trial to Skillshare is something that will stay with you, because you can learn something,” she says.

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If you’re someone who always has an audiobook or a podcast in your ear, whether you’re taking a walk, cooking dinner, or cleaning around the house, then the Audible free trial is one worth signing up for. You’ll get 30 days to try out the service and decide whether unlimited access to best-selling audiobooks is worth adding to your budget.

Amazon Prime

Not already a Prime member? There’s a perfect time to sign up. Earle recommends signing up for their trial right before Prime Day. Take full advantage of all the shows you want to watch, music you want to stream, and free shipping items you’d like to arrive at your doorstep before your 30 days are up.


When it comes to Walmart+, Earle advises deal-seekers to sign up for that trial before the holidays to gain early access to Black Friday deals. Then cut and run if you don’t plan to continue after the gifting rush.

Natalie Warb, financial expert at CouponBirds adds, “One of the amazing perks this free trial gets you is unlimited free delivery from your local Walmart store with no minimum order, across all departments of their online site.” She also notes that members get limited discounts to items not available to the average shopper.

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LinkedIn Premium

If you, like many right now, are on the job market, don’t underestimate the 30-day LinkedIn Premium free trial, which will give you access to sending free InMail messages, access to see who’s checking you out, and the ability to show up as a featured applicant.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Speaking of professional resources, Adobe Creative Cloud offers a seven-day free trial where you have full access to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects. Once that weeklong timeline is ticking, start cranking out all of the beautiful photos you need to edit, resumes you need to design, and motion graphics you’ve dreamed of making.

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Mint Mobile

If your cell phone bill keeps ticking higher month-over-month, you may want to check out Mint Mobile, which offers talk, text, and data for $15 a month. But Andrea Woroch, a money-saving expert, knows that switching can be nerve-wracking, which is why the Mint Mobile free trial is a game changer. Woroch explains, “This free trial makes it easy to try the service. It works on your current phone without affecting your current service. If you like it, you could save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your wireless service in the future!”

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Are you currently renovating? Moving to a new apartment? Just want to rearrange your room? HomeByMe lets new users create up to five projects within their 3D interior design software for free, giving you the ability to envision your space before you start moving things around.


Need to see why everyone’s talking about “Stolen Youth?” It might be time to sign up for the monthlong free trial of Hulu, which will run you $7.99 a month for the most basic plan if you forget to cancel at the end of the 30 days.

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Those Spotify ads totally kill the mood, right? You’re in the middle of cooking dinner, in the zone with the Dinner Party Jazz playlist and, boom, out of nowhere a commercial comes blaring through the speakers. Say goodbye to ads with the three-month (!) trial of Spotify Premium — and pay $9.99 a month if you decide to say goodbye to ads forever.

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obé Fitness

If you’ve decided you’re never going back to the gym (it’s just easier at home!), the seven-day obé Fitness trial can help you decide whether on-demand workouts for cardio, pilates, yoga, and more are the best way to get you moving.

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If you know what you like and don’t need multiple workout options, then try out the Barre3 14-day free trial, which gives you access to their entire library of on-demand classes. There are full-length classes, as well as targeted shorter sessions for squeezing in a workout between meetings.

Buddy App for Budgeting

If you’re trying to get a handle on your spending right now or gain a better understanding of what’s coming in and out of your account, the free trial of the Buddy app helps you get an idea of your numbers before you decide to actually allocate a budget item for it.

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Blue Apron

The pioneer of meal kits is still going strong and their free trial offer is one of the best. Blue Apron offers 18 free meals across six meal boxes, as well as free shipping. You’ll pay for some meals in each box, but the offer still comes out as a deal across multiple weeks.

Don’t Forget to Check Out Stacked Free Services

Woroch recommends looking at services you may already get for free, simply by having an existing subscription to another service. “For example, T-Mobile users can get free Netflix, a year of Apple TV and Paramount+ and Sprint offers their members free Hulu and Tidal,” says Woroch. Additionally, she says some credit cards may give you free memberships or credits toward services like Uber Eats.

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