This Easy ADHD-Friendly Fridge Hack Helps Prevent Food Waste

published Aug 25, 2023
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For four years, one couple with ADHD kept forgetting about their fruits and veggies in the fridge, leading to food waste. Fed up with all that spoiled produce, they tried a system that would help them remember — and it works.

The hack is so easy, anyone can do it — all it takes is some reorganizing. According to Kristen West, instead of storing their fruits and veggies in the produce drawers, they now keep the perishables in the door of the fridge.

Their reason for doing so is simple, but absolutely makes sense. “Because if you SEE it, you want to snack on it and make stuff with it.”

As for the leftovers and other items with shorter lifespans, they sit towards the front, where the items are also easy to see. Their condiments, meanwhile, live at the back of the fridge since these have longer shelf lives. And to make sure the sauces are easier to access — therefore, quicker to be consumed — they even put in a lazy Susan (if you need some, this pair of lazy Susans just won Apartment Therapy’s Organization Awards). 

Finally, the drawers below remain empty at all times, “because that’s where things go to die.”

Their followers also gave advice to make the fridge more efficient and ADHD-friendly. Some suggested using the drawers for sodas and beer. “I put drinks in the drawers. We never forget about those,” someone commented, to which West replied: “So smart!!! I bet canned stuff stacks so nice!”

Others recommended to remove the drawers to free up space and keep food items still visible. “If you want another shelf, you can pull out the drawers and store ‘em somewhere,” reads a comment.

So many brilliant suggestions on maximizing storage space, preventing spoilage, reducing food costs, and being more inclusive. You love to see it.

You can see more ADHD-friendly life hacks from West by following their TikTok account @thecenteredlife.