Geriatric Millennials, There’s Now a “Friends” Crochet Kit

published May 24, 2021
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“Friends” nostalgia has continued to remain alive and well, but it’s no doubt hitting a fever pitch these days as fans patiently await the release of the upcoming HBO Max reunion on May 27, which will bring the show’s six famous stars back together on the iconic set for the first time since its decade-long run ended in May 2004. Ahead of the highly-anticipated reunion special, you can quench your thirst for all things “Friends”-related through this collection of gifts designed for geriatric millennials, gen X-ers, and young millennials who watched the hit sitcom during its original run despite probably being too young to fully understand some of the jokes.

Before you become outraged over being called geriatric, the mildly rude (but surely meant with affection) new term sweeping the internet refers to millennials born between 1980 and 1985, who just slightly missed the cusp of being born firmly in Generation X.

As you tend to your potentially bruised ego, you can click ‘add to cart’ on these “Friends”-themed goodies from Thunder Bay Press. First up: a “Friends” Crochet Set that makes the perfect gift for those cozy nights spent on the couch rewatching your favorite episodes. The kit includes an 80-page paperback book complete with photos and step-by-step instructions, along with all the materials you’ll need to make crochet versions of the Thanksgiving turkey and the Central Perk’s iconic orange couch. The included instructions will show you how to crochet all six of the main characters (Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Monica, and Chandler), a coffee cup, Marcel the monkey, Phoebe’s guitar, and the chick and duck.

If you aren’t quite the crochet expert, don’t worry, there are plenty of fun options for you, too. You can score the “Friends” Sticker Art Puzzles, a book of 15 fifteen puzzles that represent a famous “Friends” theme — think coffee, roommates, weddings, and more — with more than 100 sticker shapes that can be placed in a tessellated grid. The end result is a full-color glossy art poster that you can display on your wall. The book also includes memorable moments and fun facts about the series that any superfan will enjoy.

For those who have rediscovered their love of sending snail mail over the past year, the “Friends Quote Cards” make for a special way to stay connected to your nearest and dearest. This collection of twenty postcards featuring full-color scenes and memorable quotes from the show, along with a set of stickers that can be placed on each postcard, so you can show some love to your fellow “Friends” fanatics wherever in the world they might be.

Lastly, there’s the “Friends” Guide to Adulting ($14.99), an “interactive guide” to being an adult featuring pearls of wisdom from the six main characters and fun prompts that will help you navigate adult life with the support of everyone’s favorite fictional friends.