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19 “Friends”-Themed Gifts that Couldn’t BE Any More Perfect

updated Dec 13, 2020
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Now that there’s been enough time to binge-watch every episode and season of “Friends” at least three or four times since the world went on pause, pretty much everyone is a diehard “Friends” fan (as they should be). And if you’re looking to grab your Friends-obsessed pal something that shows you know where their loyalties lie—with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler, obviously—then we’ve got you covered. Check out these unique, underrated “Friends”-themed gifts that your own friends would be proud to show off on their next stop in to Central Perk.

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The Friends: The Official Advent Calendar is filled with over 40 keepsakes that are all inside jokes from the sitcom including ornaments with classic catchphrases, booklets, and more surprises. With a door to open throughout the 25 days of Christmas (or any holiday season), it's like the Holiday Armadillo visits on the daily.

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Pottery Barn

If your BFF has a "Friends"-themed gallery wall, this print needs to added to the mix. You can choose between four different frame styles, either simple wood in a dark brown or white finish, or a ridged frame for a more formal look. Every print is archival matted in white and backed with D-rings, making it ready to hang, be the center of attention, and inspire anyone who views it to start singing the "Friends" theme song.

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Sorry, but there's absolutely no funnier moment in television history than the scene in "Friends" in which Ross continuously yells "Pivot!" to Rachel and Chandler as they try to move his new couch up the stairs of his apartment building. This "Friends"-themed wish bracelet, designed with that moment in mind, is not only funny but may just make your dreams come true. "Close your eyes, then tie the cord around your wrist. When the thread starts to fray, your wish could finally be on its way," the card reads.

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The only thing more iconic than Monica's purple apartment door is the yellow frame around the peephole. This recreation, made from a lightweight polyurethane foam by Etsy seller homefoam is "made to last" and will adhere easily to your own apartment door. It's 9 1/2 inches tall by 7 1/2 inches wide, and is basically an exact replica from the frame in the show. The only thing that's missing? Seeing Chandler and Joey's apartment across the hall.

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Okay, this is one for the hardcore "Friends" fans. If your or your pal knows every nook and cranny in Monica's apartment, then this item will be instantly recognizable. In her kitchen, next to her stand mixer, Monica keeps her kitchen utensils in a vintage pickle crock with "Homemade 1¢ Pickles" painted in green across the front. It's one of those "blink and you miss it" props that only the diehards will recognize. But if your friend is one of those diehards, they'll greatly appreciate this addition to their kitchen.

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What do you get your "Friends"-obsessed BFF who literally has everything? Well, chances are they probably don't have this mini donut maker from Macy's. Sure, it's a little out of left field, and maybe doesn't have a lot to do with the actual show save for the logo printed on the top, no one could be mad at receiving a donut maker for the holidays. This little guy makes six mini donuts in a matter of minutes and is super easy to clean due to its non-stick cooking plates.

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Urban Outfitters

Listen, we have a feeling that this whole quarantine thing is going to last a bit longer than we all expected to. So, it's necessary to stock up on puzzles. Gift this 500-piece "Friends" puzzle to your BFF to keep them busy. The final image is the formal-wear promo photo in which the cast looks dazzling and drinks champagne. It's a classic—so much so that your pal will want to frame it when they're done.

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Now this is a gift that both "Friends" fans and TV buffs will love. It's a reproduction of the pilot script (with the sitcom working title "Friends Like Us" printed) signed by the cast members. "This reproduction script is a replica of a copy that was used in the production of the episode," Etsy seller hollywoodtrove writes in the description of the listing. "The script provides details of the scene, characters and dialogue and tells the film production team what they need to capture on the film camera."

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How well do you and your pals really know "Friends"? You'll find out quick with this "Friends" Trivia Quiz Game sold at Urban Outfitters. With questions like "What did Chandler lose after his wedding?" and "Which name appears on the address label of Chandler's TV guide?" you'll have to be quick and knowledgeable or risk losing massive points. There are both easier "Fan" questions and harder "Super Fan" questions so everyone who has seen the show can play along and hopefully have a chance to win big.

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Urban Outfitters

You know what would have made the Central Perk sign that much cooler? If was done up in neon lights. Urban Outfitters had the same idea and recreated the coffee shop sign in neon and it looks just as cool off as it does on. This easy-to-install LED light/art installation runs on USB power, so you can plug it into any phone charger and you're good to go. Just make sure you have plenty of coffee on hand because once you flick it on, the friends will assemble.

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What pairs best with a Princess Consuela Bananahammock (a.k.a. Phoebe's new name as of Season 10 Episode 4)? First-name Crap, last-name Bag (a.k.a. Mike's new name in response to her name change), of course. And almost serendipitously, Crap Bag is also the perfect logo to print on a tote bag which will surely be filled with a bunch of crap. Again, this gift is one of the more subtle nods to "Friends" that only the mega fans will catch. But even so, a tote with "Crap Bag" on it is funny no matter how you slice it.

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"Friends": "The One Where You're The Friends." Etsy seller personalnyounique makes these awesome personalized "Friends"-themed posters in which they insert you and your bestie. You can choose between a variety of different skin tones, hair styles, and tops so it looks like you and your friend (or your entire friend group) are sitting on the couch in front of the fountain. Your names will also be penned in the classic "Friends" font at the bottom of the print.

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Pottery Barn

How does one bring their love of "Friends" into their adult, nicely-furnished home? This framed "How You Doin'" print from Pottery Barn is the ideal mix of Friends hilarity and tasteful decor. Brushed in gold script, Joey's famous pick-up line, and makes "a flirty and fun addition to your decor," as Pottery Barn states. And no one will be able to resist doing their best Joey impression as they walk by your gallery wall.

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If you've ever wondered what Monica's apartment smells like, this candle is probably the closest thing we're ever going to get. The Monica Geller Scented Candle smells like "a notoriously bossy, ultra competitive, Type-A, obsessive clean freak whose loyal and responsible side is the glue that keeps the group together," which, in layman's terms, means "clean linen." Hand-poured, and made with soy wax, this thing will stay lit for about 50 hours and make your home smell as clean as Monica's pristine hangout spot.

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Hugsy the plush penguin made his debut in Season 9 Episode 17 when Joey refused to give his favorite childhood toy to Ross and Rachel's new baby Emma. This Hugsy replica is ready for a skiing adventure with his goggles, scarf, hat, and ski vest, and is cool enough to be loved by a grown man yet soft enough to be cuddled by a newborn. It's up to you who gets to bring Hugsy—who comes in two different sizes (both over a foot tall)— home.

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Sure, you could play poker or Go Fish with either the red (girls) or blue (boys) deck of Friends playing cards. could play a wild round of "Guess That Episode" because each card in both decks has a photo from an iconic "Friends" moment such as Monica in her wedding dress, Phoebe playing guitar at Central Perk, or the day when Chandler, Joey, and Ross do face masks. They're one-part playing cards, one-part Pokémon cards because you'll want to collect them all.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

This "Friends"-themed game is like trivia meets Bop-It. The "Spin Master" game is inspired by Season 5 Episode 21, "The One With The Ball," and the objective is to catch and throw the ball while completing Friends-related challenges. There are five rounds to the game, and whoever lasts the longest is declared the winner. Can you last for two hours and twenty-seven minutes? Four hours? Ten hours? Honestly, you play until "it's not fun anymore," as Chandler pointed out in the episode.

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was $24.95

Maybe it's because Monica was a chef on the show, or perhaps food gags are just funnier than others, but there were a ton of treats that graced the "Friends" soundstage. And now, author Teresa Finney has compiled all the treats from the sitcom in one go-to cookbook. "This cookbook is packed with delicious recipes that are perfect for you and your own friends to enjoy together," the Urban Outfitters website reads. "Whether it’s a going away party when you move to Yemen, a Friendsgiving dinner in your unaffordable NYC apartment, or just having some nibbles during a binge viewing party, The One with All the Recipes will be there for you with Not-So-Fine Margaritas, Engagement Ring Lasagna, “French Aunt” Chocolate Chip Cookies, Thanksgiving Turkey for One, Fried Stuff with Cheese and Perfect Pox Peach Cobbler."

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If your friend is raising the next generation of Friends lovers, then this bib may be the perfect gift for any new Friends-obsessed parent. Reading "Baby doesn't share food" (a play off the line "Joey doesn't share food") written in classic the Friends font is not only hilarious, but practical, too. Baby doesn't share food, and baby isn't afraid to get a bit messy proving their point.