From “Jersey Boys” to New Jersey: An Actor Sets Up a Home in Style

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Name: Tommaso
Location: Union City, New Jersey

Ok, so I live in my one bedroom apartment with my “son in a dog suit”, Harley, (he really calls the shots around here.) I’ve lived in Union City for about a year. It is the next city North from Jersey City. I recently finished the broadway show “Jersey Boys” and before that I was on tour for a few years, so once I bought this place, I was really ready to fill it up with all the ideas running around in my head.

My favorite spot in my apartment would have to be my picnic table. It’s where I’m sitting right now. Instead of having a dining room table, I kept it fun and flirty with a three piece picnic table which also doubles as my desk. I also think it gives people the energy to relax and to not take themselves too seriously in my apartment. “We’re at a picnic table for christ sake.”

When I first moved in I had to replace some exposed kitchen shelves, so I went with a beige marble to offset the white quartz in my kitchen. Good idea, right? WRONG! Some things just need to be matchy-matchy and this is one of them. You live and learn. There is countertop paint out there but it just makes me nervous. Every time I walk by those shelves I shoot them a dirty look just so they know I mean business.

What fictional character would be most at home in your space? I just got an image. Me and Ariel. Sipping tea, talking about thing-a-ma-bobs and gossiping about Prince Eric. I just feel like she gets me, ya know?

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) for your home? The last thing I bought for my apartment was literally in the middle of writing this email. It is a small Edison lamp for my music corner. Up lighting is errrrything so I try to fill my place with small little baby lamps. Overhead lighting I’m convinced is satan in a light bulb. But its amazing how quickly a light will change with some good Edison bulbs. It’s sooooo Brooklyn, I know, but it’s still in and you can’t deny how cute everybody looks in that amber glow.

My advice to anyone creating their own space is to do just that. CREATE! It should be yours. Whatever that means to you. Study up on color, texture, pattern, feng shui… and then throw all that shit away and do whatever the fuck you want cause its your place! YOU have to be in it everyday and look at it so do what you makes YOU happy.

Thanks, Tommaso! You can see more of Tommaso’s space in this video.

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