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This 4 Question Quiz Will Help You Pick the Perfect Color for Your Front Door

published Jul 8, 2022
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Choosing a paint color for your front door can be an agonizing decision — after all, your front door is the first thing people see when they come to visit. You want to make sure that your home is giving its best first impression. 

“The front door is the passageway from one place to another, so choose a color that represents what the home means to you,” explains Rachel King, a licensed associate real estate broker at SERHANT. “In many cultures the front door is painted a specific color to symbolize luck, prosperity, or hospitality.”

To find the perfect color for your front door, King suggests starting with the vibe that you want your guests to experience in your home and trying to imagine what color evokes it. If that doesn’t work, try taking this short four question quiz before your next stroll down the paint aisle. 

1. When you look through your wardrobe, what colors jump out at you the most?

A. Jewel tones and bright shades of red, yellow, and green
B. A lot of earth tones 
C. Mostly black and white with the occasional pop of color
D. Colors!? It’s mostly plaids, stripes, and polkadots! 

2. If you were to describe your home’s vibe,  you would call it…

A. Energetic
B. Peaceful
C. Warm and cozy
D. Controlled chaos

3. Your garden style can be described…

A. Lush and colorful with lots of flowers 
B. Neat and tidy with well manicured hedges and bushes
C. Classic and minimal with plenty of mulched spaces and greenery
D. A mix of plants that make you happy but don’t necessarily go together

4. When you shop for scented candles for your home, you opt for…

A. Citrus-based scents
B. Clean linen or powder-based scents
C. Vanilla-based scents
D. Scents that mix a variety of aromas 

Mostly A’s: Bold/Vibrant

It’s clear you’re not afraid of a pop of color, which is why a bold red or vibrant yellow front door could be a good choice for you. “The front door makes a statement about your home and personality,” King says, adding that for the best results, you should take the color of your home into consideration and make sure you’re pairing a bold door with neutral colors. “Don’t clash, balance is key.”

Mostly B’s: Neutral/Subdued

Even if you like to shy away from statement colors, you can still give your front door a more subtle makeover by using neutral and quieter colors. For example, olive green offers a touch of color without being too bright. Some other colors to consider would be dusty pink or a slate blue. These shades will help you customize your home’s entrance while keeping it from standing out too much. 

Mostly C’s: Classic/Traditional

There’s a reason why certain front door colors never go out of style. Hues like copper, black, and red remain just as popular today as they were in the past. These are great choices for those who want to add a layer of paint to their front door but don’t want to have to change it as home decor trends move on. Or perhaps you just prefer to stick with the timeless classics. 

Mostly D’s: Funky/Adventurous

Your home should be a reflection of you, and if you’re someone who likes to take big risks (and reap even bigger rewards) or if you’re a person who isn’t afraid to try something new, a funky new paint job may be just the thing your door needs. Try a bright orange, lime green, or hot pink. And you don’t have to stop giving your door a makeover after the paint has dried. “My front door is a blue-green dreamy hue with a brass dragonfly door knocker,” King says, adding that it’s become quite the talking piece for guests. 

Why Your Door Color Matters

King says that the front door is the first thing most buyers see, and the main cover photo for the listing is usually the front exterior shot of the house. “The front door offers curb appeal to the home and attracts your eye immediately,” she says. “Whatever color you choose, touch it up often so it looks fresh. Old and worn door paint can signal that the rest of the house might need maintenance.”