5 Front Door Paint Colors That Pop in the Snow, According to Real Estate Agents

published Dec 17, 2022
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Winter can be a tough time for home sellers during a normal year. Yet this winter, with roller coaster mortgage rates and inventory issues, most real estate professionals are buckling up for a slim season. Add in dreary skies, icy sidewalks, and snowy days where all anyone wants to do is stay inside with a mug of hot chocolate, and you could be facing an uphill battle to entice would-be buyers through your front door.

What should you do to stand out? Paint your front door and get those buyers dreaming of holiday seasons, winter gatherings, and cozy days at home — in your home. 

But the colors that pop against a bevy of springtime florals aren’t necessarily the same ones that are going to stand out with Frosty the snow man in the front yard. So I asked real estate agents in cold weather climates from Toronto to Milwaukee for their favorite front door colors to pop on a snow-covered street. From the classics to the unconventional, these are the five colors they suggested to make your listing go from hibernation to closing celebration.

Classic Black

That timeless white house with black door, framed by a fresh snowfall, and perhaps a holly bush — is there anything that feels more warm and nostalgic? That’s why Emily Jones with Keller Williams Edge Realty in Toronto says, “Black is by far my favorite door color. Against the snow, it looks beautiful, it’s classy and modern, and hides any imperfections.”

Keep in mind when snow has been sitting for a few days — something Jones is used to in the winter wonderland of Toronto — any color can look drab and uninviting. She adds that a fresh doormat and a planter can help perk up curb appeal.

Sunny Yellow

“I’m partial to a bright sunny yellow for more of a pop,” says Tarasa Hurley, a Realtor in Pittsburgh. She notes that a sunshine yellow pairs well with the undertones of a rainy, snowy, or icy season, bringing in a sense of warmth (something buyers may be craving during the shortest days of the year).

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Iconic Red

Hurley is also a fan of one of the most classic front door colors, especially when it’s complemented by a snowy scene. “Red stands out like a cardinal against a snowy backdrop: an iconic image.” 

“Red pops beautifully on a light or dark home, especially in a cold climate where snow is on the ground and you are in need of some warm energy,” adds Amy Kite, owner at The Kite Team with Keller Williams Realty Infinity in Illinois. “Red is the color of a hot fire and just provides a nice ambiance for buyers.”

Vivid Magenta

Cathy Shaw, a real estate agent with the Falk Ruvin Gallagher Team in Milwaukee, is encouraging buyers to lean into an of-the-moment shade. “Sellers, get ready to embrace Pantone’s 2023 color of the year, Viva Magenta. It’s a brave updated red that will stand out in the neighborhood,” Shaw says. “Viva Magenta draws the eye in, making your home come alive. It’s the perfect pop on a snowy day.”

She explains that this dynamic red exudes positive energy, and that’s exactly what you want buyers to feel when they’re looking for the next home — particularly when the weather is more frightful than joyful. Shaw adds, “Magenta is the warm embrace we all want from our home this season.”

Festive Purple

If you want to break outside the typical front door mold, Matt Ward, Realtor and team lead with The Matt Ward Group, suggests purple as a festive yet subtle way to pop amidst a snowy landscape. “An ube purple looks fantastic on door colors and doesn’t look extra. It fits almost any home exterior theme and stands out in the middle of the snow,” explains Ward. Think of it as the quirkier, yet toned down alternative to a bright red.