This Mini Dish Washing Set Was the Perfect Buy for My New Apartment — Here’s Why

published Dec 8, 2021
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Recently, I moved into a new apartment after a year of living with my parents. I had tons of belongings stashed away in my storage unit ready to be dusted off and set back up, but as every new apartment dweller knows, there are tons of little things that you usually want to replace with every new move. Chief among them: soap dispensers, utensils, curtains, and especially cleaning tools. One new apartment find that made setting up my kitchen a breeze was this convenient dishwashing set by Full Circle, an eco-friendly home product line I recommend everyone check out.

The Full Circle Stash & Friends Sinkside Dish Washing Set included everything I needed to tackle dirty pots and pans while keeping my dishwashing supplies in one neat place. In the past, I’ve resigned to getting my scrubbers, sponges, and sink caddies from the local dollar store which (surprise) never stood the test of time. That’s why I appreciated that each items was hefty and durable. Ahh, the quality! The set includes Full Circle’s popular “Be Good” dish brush, two walnut sponges, their “Bubble Up” palm brush and sudsing base, and the Stash ceramic caddy which stores the dish brush and sponge. Made with ceramic and metal materials, the sink caddy and tray are sturdy and can be thrown in the dishwasher for occasional cleaner. I give it bonus points for the steel gray colorway, which compliments my gray and white countertops so well!

Credit: Full Circle

What I love about the “Be Good” brush, aside from the fact that it’s made with quality and sustainable materials, is that it’s such a great multipurpose tool for the kitchen. I always like to do a thorough clean of every new apartment before I move in, and this brush helped scrub away the hidden grime in the grooves of the kitchen sink that the cleaners missed. It’s also a lifesaver when it comes to scrubbing tough dish stains (like the hardened bits of mac and cheese left in my casserole dish after Thanksgiving). I use the “Bubble Up” scrubber and sudsing base daily, as it helps me not wear out the use of the sponge quite as fast.

Speaking of the sponge in this kit, I absolutely love that it’s accompanied by a built-in sponge holder inside the ceramic caddy. It stores the sponge upright so that it dries evenly after each use. As a result, I also haven’t noticed that moldy smell with this sponge that I have with previous sponges over time.

I loved that this Stash & Friends kit came with everything my kitchen sink needed, and scratched one of my emergency store runs for household goods off my list. Full Circle also offers other household cleaning bundles that I’ll likely invest in, like their “Bottle Service” refillablle glass bottle set and their “Green Team” dusting set. But it doesn’t stop there; you have over a dozen cleaning bundles to choose from. Whatever cleaning supplies you’re in the market for, prepare to be amazed by one of the Full Circle’s impressive cleaning bundles. You won’t regret it!