5 Quirky Playing Card Sets That’ll Make Your Game Nights Even More Fun (And They’re All on Amazon)

published Jan 6, 2020
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Prop Stylist: Stephanie Yeh

We’re now entering that phase of winter where the holidays are over and it’s just, well, cold and dark. Hence, our upcoming plans mostly involve staying in, watching lots of Netflix, and playing lots of games. Beyond board games, there’s a ton you can do with a good old deck of cards, and nowadays you don’t have to settle for an average, Poker-style set.

This past weekend, Sarah Jessica Parker posted a picture of this gorgeous deck of cards on her Instagram, and we immediately had to find them for ourselves. Turns out, you can get them on Amazon, in addition to plenty of other unique decks that’ll take your next game night to the next level. Check out some of the playing cards we found (and take note that almost all of them are under $15).

Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards

Much loved by SJP, these rainbow-hued playing cards add some much needed color to your average (read: boring) deck of cards. The deck comes in a sturdy keepsake box that includes the history and lore of card decks, plus game instructions. The Brooklyn-based design duo also sells a rainbow-blocked Paper Games pack, which includes tear-off pads of Tic Tac Toe, Dots & Boxes, Hedron, Nim, and Hex.

Buy: Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards, $12.95 $11.51

Credit: Amazon

Golden Girls Playing Cards

For something really fun, check out this nostalgia-inducing playing card set adorned with the iconic Golden Girls. In this 52-card pack, each Golden Girl gets her own suit in the deck: “Romantic Blanche takes hearts, country-at-heart Rose takes spades, ever-wise Sophia takes clubs, and the sharp-witted Dorothy takes diamonds”. They’re designed by illustrator Chantel de Sousa, who creates an array of pop-culture inspired games from shows like “Friends“, “The Office“, and “Will & Grace“.

Buy: Golden Girls Playing Cards by Chantel de Sousa, $11.24

Credit: Amazon

Gin Rummy: Gin Lovers Playing Cards

Planning a boozy game night? Your next game of gin rummy can be accompanied by playing cards featuring illustrations of 52 gins and gin-based cocktails from around the world. But don’t worry, the cards are accompanied by a booklet with background info on the popular spirit, the 40 gins themselves, and recipes for all the cocktails so you can sip and play. Fun!

Buy: Gin Rummy: Gin Lovers Playing Cards by Emma Stokes, $14.99

Credit: Amazon

Illuminated Playing Cards: Two Decks for Games and Tarot

We love anything with a dual purpose, and these beautifully designed cards can be used for your next card game and a tarot reading. The boxed set includes two decks of cards, complete with a pamphlet including the rules to four popular card games and an easy three-card tarot reading. And if you’re new to tarot, there’s a list of each card and its meaning as it corresponds to a traditional tarot card deck.

Buy: Illuminated Playing Cards: Two Decks for Games and Tarot by Caitlin Keegan, $16.99 $15.29

Credit: Amazon

Mudpuppy Andy Warhol Playing Cards

For the art lovers out there, this playing card deck features designs depicting each suit drawn by Andy Warhol. It offers a fun twist on the classic deck of cards, adding a touch of whimsy to something that’s normally associated with strategy and high stakes.

Buy: Mudpuppy Andy Warhol Playing Cards, $12.07