The Funniest April Fools Day Jokes of 2022

published Apr 1, 2022
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There’s nothing like a touch of humor to lighten the mood, and some of our favorite brands take the opportunity to share a joke or two on Apr. 1. From out-there products that are literally too good to be true and clever pranks that will have you fooled for just a tiny moment, here are the ways companies tried to make us laugh on Instagram this April Fools Day.


Not only does the Duolingo owl help you you learn a new language, it also provides A+ entertainment across social media.

“Has your family been taken by a corporate mascot? Were you extorted by an enormous green owl?” Duolingo’s “commercial” begins. “Have you been physically or emotionally injured by Duolingo?”

Perhaps a nod to the genius Duolingo TikTok account that pops up in seemingly every single comment thread on the platform, “Menchetti & Sons” offers “victims” of Duolingo compensation.


LEGO announced a life-sized LEGO maxifigure, an exact replica of the iconic LEGO minifigure, but standing at almost two meters tall. Fans were loving the joke, and many said that they would actually buy one. Time to make this thing real?

Hard seltzer… for dogs? The White Claw team announced “White Paw” a non-alcoholic hard seltzer just for your pup. One person commented: “What’s the flavor? Toilet bowl?”


Sour Cream & Onion body wash, anyone? If you’d like to smell not so fresh, Pringles‘ new body wash is for you.


The streamer announced that actor Sebastian Stan would be appearing in every show on the platform, photoshopping him into promo photos for “Only Murders in the Building”, “The Dropout”, and more. I, for one, am here for it.


British retailer Argos shared their range of “transparent kitchen appliances” which really take minimalism to the next level. Cluttered countertops? Never.


This April Fools Day, Chillhouse wants you to treat your pup to a press-on manicure.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot announced a Bluetooth-enabled, wireless hose which would certainly solve all storage problems and tripping hazards.

Kobo Books

Searching for romance that’s straight out of one of your favorite books? Kobo has got you covered with it’s (fake) dating app, Kobo Booklovers. As far as April Fools’ jokes go, this could actually be a successful product IRL.

Spirit Halloween

Rounding out this year’s best April Fools Day jokes is Spirit Halloween, who announced that select stores will be open all year long. It may be a prank, but don’t worry spooky season fans, only seven months to go!