5 Furniture Trends That Won’t Last Past 2024, According to Designers

published Jun 15, 2024
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A modern, stylish and bright living room
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When it comes to forecasting furniture trends, it’s tough to predict what’s destined for timelessness and what might eventually feel outdated — which can be especially frustrating when you’re shopping and trying to budget for certain big-ticket pieces. Given that buying a new sofa is more of an investment than, say, a pair of jeans, it’s helpful to know what will likely still be considered classic for years to come. 

That’s why I asked designers themselves to weigh in. After all, they’re usually planning spaces that are set to be completed sometime in the future, so they know a thing or two about making lasting decorating choices. Read on for five furniture trends that likely won’t last past 2024, based on observations of three in-the-know designers from Rumor Designs. Don’t worry if you still love any of these styles, though — it’s your home to decorate however you want!

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Ultra-Clean, Minimalist Furniture

Recently, it’s been nearly impossible to avoid a minimalist mentality — and that extends to furniture that’s streamlined and seemingly untouched. Couch cushions look meticulously vacuumed, coffee tables are routinely cleared, and there’s barely an accessory out of place. While partner and lead designer Valerie Stafford isn’t predicting an onslaught of disorganization, she does see trends evolving from such clean lines. 

“For so long, we’ve whittled looks down to such a modern, clean skeleton of everything, and we’re ready to add thoughtful details back into design,” she says. 

Furniture with more flourishes will likely come back into fashion, which may include everything from Chesterfield sofas to carved-wood furniture. The more detail, the better. 

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Only Neutral Pieces

While it’s still a good rule of thumb to aim for timelessness in large purchases like a couch or dresser, that doesn’t mean you have to automatically seek out neutral finishes. That’s been the case for some time now, but the philosophy is shifting. “People have been straying away from gray and beige,” says junior designer Marlyn Arellano.

Instead, feel confident in choosing a colorful furnishing that’s either as large as a sofa or as small as a side chair in a vibrant color that fits your space’s palette and overall preferences. If it feels ageless to you, then it’ll likely become a mainstay of your home. 

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Super-Trendy Fast Furniture

The team at Rumor Designs has noticed that clients want more personalization in their homes overall — aka designing their spaces to reflect them, rather than what’s popular in the moment. 

“Trends change all the time, so it’s important to make sure your space is designed in a way that makes you happy,” says partner and lead designer Lindsey Jamison. Arellano adds that more people are also interested in cultivating a “personal style,” which can mean gravitating toward silhouettes or hues that might not be as coveted by the masses. If you happen to be a fan of bright yellow, tall-backed chairs, as one example, then more power to you. 

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Very Plain Furniture 

Vibrant wallpaper has been all the rage these last few years, which is why Arellano says that crisp, modern palettes will likely be replaced with homes that showcase more pattern, like florals and stripes. “People seem to be wanting to give their spaces more color, texture, and life,” she suggests. 

But while established design “rules” may recommend keeping your furniture plain if the surrounding walls are bold, you could take wallpaper prints a step further by matching a few key pieces to them moving forward. Consider a green sofa against leafy panels, or pulling a solid shade from a wall lined in multicolored shapes to paint a desk or coordinating side tables. 

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Matchy-Matchy Outdoor Furniture 

Not much has changed on patios in recent years, and that’s likely due to practicality — dining or seating sets in matching builds and fabrics are meant to withstand the elements, not necessarily live up to style trends. But that could be changing. 

“Traditional outdoor-style furniture will likely be replaced with lots of curved sofas, patterned umbrellas, and rocking chairs,” Jamison says. As long as they’re made with hardy materials, why shouldn’t you have more fun outside? Embrace a looser look outdoors, and it’ll probably feel even more relaxing.