Kelly Dawson

Deputy Editor

Kelly Dawson is a writer, editor, and media consultant. Her writing has appeared in almost every major American design publication, most notably as a longtime contributor to Architectural Digest and Dwell, and she's also been published in places like The New York Times, AFAR, and Vox, to name a few. Kelly is based in Los Angeles, where she lives with lots of natural light and books.
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This $22 Reusable Bag Is My Big Secret Behind Only Packing a Carry-on for Travel
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3 Reasons Your Roller Paint Job Looks Bad (and How to Fix It)
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7 Accessories Under $50 to Make It Seem Like You Just Returned from Italy
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A West Village Garden Apartment Mixes Fun Color with Vintage Finds
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B&A: A 1960s Wood-Paneled Bedroom Gets a Fresh Look for $500
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B&A: A Once-Cookie Cutter Powder Room Now Feels Like a “Fancy Hotel”
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B&A: A Surf-Style Redo Turns a Plain Room into the Ultimate Kid Space
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B&A: A 1970s “Pea Soup” Bathroom Gets a Serene Redo for Under $1,000
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Before and After: An LA Townhouse’s Elegant Refresh Keeps Its Walls
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8 Tips for Where to Start When Decorating a Small Home
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This Is the $3 Target Breakfast I Eat Almost Every Day
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This Two-Second Tweak Instantly Made My Nightstand Vignette Look More Stylish
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