This Gallery Wall Idea Has Been Living in My Head Rent-Free

published May 18, 2022
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Decorating your walls can be challenging from a design standpoint (What will you love to look at day in and day out… and day in… and day out…?), a financial standpoint (Which art will fit into your budget?), and a logistical standpoint (Particularly if you’re a renter, will you be able to handle the holes?).

All of this is why I was so incredibly impressed when I came upon the picture frame wall that Megan Housekeeper created in her “kitsch-chic” ranch-style house. The wall — which Housekeeper calls her proudest DIY in her House Tour — is essentially what you’d get if a gallery wall and molding had a renter-friendly, budget-conscious baby. It’s a gorgeous focal point that is, in fact, simply made up of painted secondhand picture frames. 

“My DIY frame wall was a last-minute addition to my guest bedroom, inspired by Pinterest,” Housekeeper explained. “I felt like the room was missing a dramatic element on that wall, but had used up my budget for the project. I used leftover trim paint and thrifted frames to create a faux-molding effect, making something bold yet removable. This feature makes the room feel deceptively bigger than it is.”

In addition to looking cool, it’s also eco-friendly. It can be hard to know how to donate or reuse old frames, but this is a ridiculously easy way to get more life out of them — and add an extremely eye-catching element to your walls.

A piece of colorful art, a planter, and a sconce — all expertly placed — add even more color and interest. Genius!