23 Geometric Wall Paint Ideas

updated Sep 9, 2020
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Arches, circles, triangles, oh my! Painted geometric designs are all the rage these days when it comes to adding a little oomph to generic walls. Whether you choose to paint a shape on its own or incorporate a few different ones as part of a larger mural, such additions are bound to add personality and whimsy to your space. The best part about this upgrade is that there’s no right or wrong way to go about it—the sky is the limit when it comes to paint colors, and geometric designs can look lovely in every room of the house.

If you’re unsure about where to start, take a spin through the 23 images below. Whether you paint free-hand or use a stencil, it’s easy to recreate many of the looks seen below. You’ll see that a pop of color can truly go a long way in transforming a space, and it’s more than okay to think outside the box when picking a hue. Better yet, this type of home decor project is extremely budget-friendly and you can pick up all of the

1. Set the tone

A mural is a great way to establish a color scheme within a space and set the tone for a room. Alternatively, if you already own a statement-making piece of furniture, such as the green sofa pictured here, why not paint a mural that features corresponding hues to help tie the space together? This California home has gorgeous geometric mural inspiration.

2. Add an arch

Seeking more of a minimalist look? A simple arch can go a long way in adding flair to a space without overwhelming an entire wall. Better yet, this is a simple project that you can easily complete in an afternoon—our Home Director Danielle shows how to paint an arch for $25. Make the arch as large or small as you’d like; there’s no one right or wrong way to construct one! The lovely pink arch above is from a boho Santa Barbara rental.

3. Go full circle

After you’ve mastered the arch (or if you’re looking for something with a bit more oomph), try your hand at painting a circle on the wall! This is an excellent way to break up a blank space and inject more color into a room, no hammering or wall art required. If you do wish to add other accents, you can easily do so, though, as exemplified by the tapestry and thin shelf shown above in this Dutch home.

4. Paint half a wall

Painting half of a wall (top or bottom!) is a more subtle way to add pizzazz to a space—and absolutely counts as a geometric shape! This blue example from this home in the Netherlands almost looks like it could have been in the room all along. Hang some eye-catching geometric artwork in close proximity to complete the look, and there you have it, a major room upgrade!

5. Piece it together

Don’t feel the need to follow a specific pattern when painting your space. If you don’t want to cover an entire door using just one paint color, get creative and make each section unique, as illustrated in the LA home above. Then sit back and admire the final design… or let the design evolve by adding to the mural over time!

6. Mix organic shapes with geometric ones

Go with the flow and have fun with different shapes when painting—a circle here, an arch there, you name it! The final design will be full of personality and totally one of a kind. We love looking to the above California home as inspiration.

7. Opt for a bright color

When painting a geometric design, don’t be afraid to opt for a really bright color that you may not normally incorporate in your home. The bright yellow in this California bedroom is truly eye-catching and makes a major statement without being overpowering. So don’t be shy about picking up that neon hue!

8. Explore all the shapes

This trapezoid takes us back to geometry class… in the best way possible. It’s a reminder that any shape can look artful and stunning. Complement your handiwork with art if you please, as we see in this California space, or let just let the painted design itself do the talking.

9. Get squiggly

Get funky with a design that doesn’t care about following any rules. It’s the perfect addition to the other mini murals in the laid back California home featured in the previous two photos and looks extra fab with the addition of art. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about making perfect straight lines or even using painter’s tape when you free-hand squiggles.

10. Go off center for interest

There’s no reason that your geometric mural needs to be perfectly centered within a room. You’ll see that this Chicago home, the mural actually overlaps onto the windowsill, part of which is painted yellow to complete the look. The artwork is also hung off-center to keep the vibe nice and casual.

11. Add an element of surprise

By not covering the full wall and instead leaving a bit of white popping out in the bottom left corner, the renter in this Chicago apartment thought outside the box. White lanterns in the opposite corner keep the space looking cohesive and fresh.

12. Be sharp

Sharp edges aren’t for everyone, but if you prefer to go bold, adding a zigzag pattern to your wall is certainly going to add intrigue to your space in a snap! We like how the owner of this Detroit bungalow constructed a miniature gallery wall atop the bright yellow design.

13. Hang it up

Think pink! Once again, we see a circle take center stage, this time in a small NYC studio. It’s proof that a pop of paint can work its magic in any space, no matter how small. A dried floral arrangement hanging on the wall adds a sweet touch.

14. Create a division

This painted wall creates the illusion of a small desk nook and adds immediate architectural intrigue to an LA apartment. Paint is an excellent way to create divisions within an open floor plan and designate separate “rooms” as needed.

15. Paint a headboard

The yellow circle in this LA rental perfectly complements the matching bed and accessories, but alternatively, it could also serve as a headboard of sorts on its own. Simply paint a circle where you would normally hang a headboard and kick back and enjoy this budget-friendly bedroom hack.

16. Mix and match colors and shapes

Color is ever-present in the living room of the same LA rental as shown above, with blues and pinks artfully woven together to create a soothing yet vibrant space. And hanging a round mirror over a large pink circular mural accentuates this section of the room.

17. Be a maximalist

Why not go all out with various shapes, colors, and patterns? It’s your home, after all! This Nashville house immediately invokes cheer and positive vibes thanks to its peppy, youthful walls.

18. Stand out

This setup is somewhat the opposite of an accent wall—rather than painting just a section of a space, cover the entire wall in the color of your choosing while leaving a section plain white. This creates the illusion of architectural character, as exemplified in this Palm Springs space.

19. Get artsy

This artistic, free-hand mural is certainly a conversation starter and adds plenty of modernity to this home in the DC suburbs. Navy blue dining chairs help tie the space together and keep it looking nice and moody.

20. Say yes to scallops

Here’s another example of a mural that could function as a makeshift headboard. We love the Art Deco look of this scallop-like design. It would look excellent behind a sofa, too.

21. Add pops of cheer

This honeycomb-like pattern sure is sweet—and it really jazzes up this home workspace. All you need to recreate this look are some stencils and a selection of your favorite hues.

22. Paint the rainbow

After you’ve mastered one arch mural, go ahead and layer a few others on top! Placed together, they can form a beautiful rainbow—talk about a major win! Don’t be afraid to infuse bright colors into your space, even if your furniture is primarily rooted in neutrals.

23. Take it to the ceiling

There are no rules about where to place a mural in your home, and constructing one in a corner adds unexpected sophistication to any space. Bonus points if you’re able to make use of extra-high ceilings, as seen in the New Orleans home above.