Getting Sticky With It: 16 Things Contact Paper Can Completely (and Immediately) Transform

Getting Sticky With It: 16 Things Contact Paper Can Completely (and Immediately) Transform

Arlyn Hernandez
Aug 15, 2016
(Image credit: Plateful of Love)

Contact paper has a bad reputation. Well, at least it used to. If you get flashbacks of ripping out gingham-printed or chicken-adorned versions of the sticky stuff from your parents' kitchen drawers upon moving day (or is that just me?), it's time you considered giving it a second shot...perhaps on one of these 16 places or products around your home.

1. Picture frames

Aside from spray paint, contact paper is perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to temporarily transform just about anything in your house, like these marbled frames we found on Plateful of Love, which we're totally trying ourselves this weekend.

(Image credit: Cuckoo 4 Design)

2. Tile floors

If you're a renter (or basically just someone with a non-renovated bathroom), the woes of bad floors plague you. Cuckoo 4 Design didn't let her bland beige and white checkerboard floors get her down. Instead, she used black contact paper that she cut out and adhered to her tiles to add a wow-factor (though the black walls and red mirror don't hurt either!)

(Image credit: Likainen Parketti)

3. Flat-panel doors

During a bout of boredom (and sheer genius, we think), the maestro over at Likainen Parketti dug out black contact paper from the depths of her kitchen and transformed the front side of her bathroom door with this striking design.

(Image credit: Craving Some Creativity)

4. Non-stainless appliances (that you wish were stainless)

We spotted this crafty appliance solution over on Craving Some Creativity. The whole metamorphosis cost about $10. Smart!

(Image credit: A Beautiful Mess)

5. Furniture

Okay, so A Beautiful Mess technically decoupaged this super cute entry table with marbled paper, but she could have also used a marbled contact paper for a similar effect, and so can you.

(Image credit: Oh Joy!)

6. Your kitchen toe kick

Would you check out that toe kick in the kitchen of Oh Joy!, designed by Emily Henderson? Emily used gold contact paper and assorted washi tape to get the eye-catching look.

(Image credit: Country Living)

7. Large-scale cardboard tubes

Two sizes of cardboard tubes + a jigsaw + woodgrain contact paper = a fantastic, really unique and artful hallway or entryway storage solution. (via Country Living)

(Image credit: Cape 27)

8. More furniture

Though Cape 27 used varying shades of yellow paint for the above dresser, you can achieve a similar look with 3 hues of contact paper. We would love to see this done in metallics—think chrome, gold and copper.

(Image credit: Chelsey Life and Design)

9. Even more furniture!

Thought just the front of your dresser was for DIY adornment? Nope! If the sides of your drawers are flat (as opposed to indented with side rails), try adding a patterned contact paper, like Chelsea from Bright & Bold did, for an unexpected design moment.

(Image credit: Maiju Saw)

10. You guessed it! Furniture!

Alternating triangle and square shapes cut out of black contact paper take the above IKEA BILLY bookcase from run-of-the-mill to "Where did you get that?!?" (via Maiju Saw)

(Image credit: IKEA via Poppytalk)

11. Coffee tables (because we didn't want to say furniture again)

What can't marble contact paper transform? This IKEA KLUBBO coffee table overhaul, featured on Poppytalk, looks so authentic, you'd probably have to touch the surface to confirm it wasn't actual marble.

(Image credit: Panyl)

12. Kitchen cabinets

We've sung the praises of Panyl previously, but we just couldn't bare to leave it off this list for solely that reason. If you've never heard of it, it's essentially specialized contact paper for furniture, kitchens, and beyond. Many of their products are sold to match the sizing of a piece from IKEA, but there is the option to order custom sizes for any project you're working on.

(Image credit: Homey Oh My)

13. Old boxes

We all have random boxes laying around that we'll likely never use again, yet insist on keeping (mostly anything that our precious tech has come in). If you refuse to get rid of them, at least turn them into something pretty to look at, and use them for storage, the way Homey Oh My did above.

(Image credit: Melissa Vivo)

14. Stainless range hood (that you wish weren't stainless)

My very crafty family friend Melissa ached for brass fixtures as she set out to remodel her kitchen remodeling her kitchen. When she couldn't bring herself to take the $$$ plunge, she opted for gold contact paper to satiate her gilded addiction.

15. Kitchen backsplash (or other wall tile)

Can you spot the clever DIY above? The pretty tile patterned backsplash is actually a custom-designed decal. Owner Nicole hadn't gotten around to putting up tile in her kitchen remodel, and turned to this temporary solution to cover the unfinished plaster wall that remained.

16. Just about anything flat that you can join together to create a room divider

Anne and Todd used vinyl LPs covered in white contact paper to create this ingenious room divider in their Massachusetts home.

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