TikTokers Are Painting Ghosts on Thrifted Artwork, and It’s Adorable

published Aug 14, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

Whether you’re ready to admit it or not, Halloween is coming up — and that means it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to revamp your spooky-season decor collection. TikTokers have already started getting creative and are subtly transforming thrifted art into something a bit more haunting.

The first step is to head to your local thrift store and choose a painting that speaks to you. It can be a print or an original painting.

Then, bring it home and remove the backing so you have access to the painting. It’s now time to add a ghost (or several!) to the scene. Some TikTokers have chosen to go the sneaky route and hide their ghost in a less obvious place.

Others have gone full ghosty and painted ghosts here, there, and everywhere.

You don’t need a ton of artistic skill to do this project. Just grab yourself some white paint (as well as some black for shadowing and eyes) and start painting. 

You can practice a bit on scrap paper or cardboard before painting the thrifted art if you need to build up your confidence beforehand. Or, follow this tutorial that TikTok user @Heatherleist12 posted to her account.

In just an afternoon, you can have a spooky new painting to hang on your wall for Halloween — but it’s also subtle enough that you can keep it up all year round! 

You can also donate it back to the thrift store to give other shoppers a little spook and scare during Halloween time.

Check out the #thriftedghostpainting hashtag on TikTok to get inspired and in the Halloween spirit.