5 Ingenious Gift Wrapping Tools Every Gift-Giver Needs to Make the Holidays a Breeze

published Nov 7, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Sidney Bensimon; Prop Styling: Carla Gonzalez-Hart

As much as everyone likes to say that the holidays are about showing gratitude, spending time with family, and looking forward to new beginnings, I’ll be the first to admit that the gifts are my favorite part. Before you declare me a materialistic Scrooge, I’ll have you know that I enjoy both receiving and giving gifts as a way to show my thanks and appreciation for loved ones. I don’t even mind the chaos of shopping. The part I don’t look forward to as much? Wrapping my purchases. Now that is downright headache-inducing.

Although it’s so much easier to place presents in birthday-style bags, that just doesn’t scream “holiday” the way a good ol’ fashioned wrapped gift does. If, like me, you struggle to achieve perfectly wrapped packages, the good news is that there are some handy gadgets out there that’ll make your experience much less frustrating. Below, you’ll find a few of our must-haves for a seamless bundling session.

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Wrapping presents is usually an individual endeavor, as you don't want anyone to discover what you're planning to gift. As a result, the activity often ends up feeling more like a wrestling match between you and the roll of paper. Thank goodness the Wrap Buddies tool exists! It's essentially a set of clamps that you can attach to your table top to hold your roll in place, allowing you to easily pull and cut the length. In other words, no more uneven edges. The clamps even act as tape dispensers, so you don't have to pre-cut strips.

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Ribbon makes every package look infinitely better, but it can be a pain to store. If you use the material, your craft box absolutely needs this ribbon dispenser. It has a rod on which to place your rolls, plus adjacent openings through which to pull the ends. From there, snip your length, and you're ready to use your ribbon. You can place multiple colors and patterns on the rod, and they won't unravel or get lost amid other supplies.

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I don't know about you, but most years I struggle to remember where I've placed all of my wrapping paraphernalia. This hanging organizer eliminates such problems, as it keeps your bows, scissors, tape, bags, wrapping paper, and other necessary items in one place. It's double-sided for ample storage space, and it hooks right onto any closet door or hanging rod. What's more, the organizer's pockets are transparent, allowing you to find exactly what you need in a flash.

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It doesn't take long for your hands to start cramping up after only a few slices down the wrapping paper roll. Let's face it: Scissors just aren't gonna cut it. You need the Little ELF cutter, which is only $14 and so simple to use. It slides right onto any roll that’s 2.25″ or smaller in diameter. From there, you simply glide it down, and it severs a perfect line. You might even get two or more, so you don't have to alternate between wrapping paper rolls.

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The Container Store

I used to place my purchased items directly on top of the wrapping paper and start folding, only to be disappointed by how lumpy the final result looked. To achieve that perfect modular effect, you need to invest on some gift boxes. With this set of six, you get three different-sized boxes that are ideal for clothing and other flat items. Need something with more height? The Container Store has cube options, as well!