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52 of the Best Gifts for Board Game Lovers

updated Dec 7, 2023
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It’s hard not to love board games. They’re fun and nostalgic, and you can enjoy them with family and friends of all ages. Maybe the best feature of all is that you don’t have to be on your phone or computer to use them, which means that they’re a great way to log off, unwind, and de-stress.

But enjoying board games and being a board game lover are two very different things. You might know a board game lover if you go over to their house and find a shelf specifically for board games, or they give you an obscure, unique game every year for the holidays. Whether they’re into the classic titles or the newer editions, odds are they’ll appreciate a board-game-themed gift (or just being gifted a board game!) more than the average person. Luckily, there are tons of options that incorporate gaming into decor, accessories, and much more. Looking for somewhere to start? Here are 52 gifts that any board game lover would enjoy.

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The Container Store

Although it's titled the "after dinner" trivia game, this 100-piece card game will serve as a wonderful ice-breaker for social gatherings of any kind. The cards cover a wide variety of subjects, including pop culture and history, so everyone can get involved in the conversation.

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Mark & Graham

Help your loved one pass the time on long flights or road trips by gifting them this leather travel backgammon set, which comes in three spiffy colorways and rolls up compactly when not in use. The best part? You can personalize it with their initials!

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Urban Outfitters

It doesn't really matter that the Ouija board isn't technically a board game or that your friend group isn't fully convinced that there's another realm. This spooky board will still be fun to break out at parties if someone's suddenly in the mood to communicate with the other side after a couple of drinks. Additionally, the board is inspired by the "Wednesday" series on Netflix and is pretty enough to double as decor.

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was $29.95

While Connect Four brings up nostalgic childhood memories, this eye-catching four-in-a-row game is updated with brighter colors, a wooden game board, and a decorative box that doubles as storage. The first person to get four colored blocks in a row wins.

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The Op

This holiday twist on the classic Operation game is so much fun. Instead of removing regular organs, you'll be removing a toadstool sandwich and a greasy black peel. If you relate to the Grinch on Christmas, you need this heart-pounding, anxiety-inducing game of Operation.

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This edgy and entertaining board game revolves around a list of creative swear words for your giftee to shout. It's played like traditional Bingo, with a master board, 12 player boards, 64 tiles, and 100 counters. It's everything they need for an unforgettable night of profanity-filled entertainment — and who doesn't love that?

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Saks Fifth Avenue

Knowing how to play chess is a cool skill to have, but even if your giftee doesn't know the rules, they'll still enjoy displaying this beautiful green set atop their coffee table. It'll add a nice pop of color and look so stylish laid out among their favorite tomes. And, at $69, this is one of the more affordable decorative chess sets we've come across.

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Uncommon Goods

This thrilling game is ideal for wine lovers who enjoy a challenge. Locked inside a metal cage is a bottle of wine with a four-digit combination lock that keeps it protected. The goal? Solve the puzzles and riddles on the included deck of cards to unlock it. It's an unforgettable experience for those who love wine and enjoy a good brain teaser. *Wine is not included.*

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was $48.00

There's no denying that board games are a blast — but a tower of toppling boxes is not exactly aesthetically pleasing in an adult apartment. This clever collection turned some of the most popular board games (think: Candy Land, Clue, and Monopoly) into "books" that can be easily styled onto your shelves until you're ready for a competitive showdown.

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Uncommon Goods

Looking for a fantastic gift for kids? The Wonder Hunt Scavenger Journal is a creative treasure hunt, field journal, and bingo game all rolled into one. With 500 everyday treasures to find and 20 different themes, it's a perfect way to spark your child's curiosity and create lasting memories. Its colorful stickers and imaginative prompts make it all the more fun.

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was $24.99

This unique card-matching and dodgeball-inspired game is a must-have for your giftee's next game night. Developed by the creators of Exploding Kittens, this hilarious party game combines quick thinking, strategy, and burrito-throwing fun. Make sure they prepare for epic burrito battles with Burrito Brawl, Burrito War, and the exciting Burrito Duel!

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This party game is your loved one's ticket to revealing their inner diva, showing off their dance moves, and applauding their friends' Carpool Karaoke technique. The set includes a dashboard, 200 challenge cards, four share-it tokens, and a rulebook. Perfect for ages 12 and up and ideal for gatherings of three or more players, this James Cordon pastime promises a blast of entertainment (just like his TV show!)

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Mark & Graham

Everyone needs a set of playing cards. Another personalizable Mark & Graham pick, this one comes with a timeless leather case that'll keep the cards neatly bundled together. It essentially takes a gaming essential and elevates it to a sophisticated display piece.

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was $49.99

Give the gift of an instant party with this handsome wood wine-edition of the Drinkopoloy board game. This interactive game with wine-related prompts is made for up to 6 players.

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was $69.41

This leather journal will save your giftee the hassle of having to find scraps of paper to keep score every time they sit down to play their board game of choice. You can have it engraved with a monogram, date, quote, or loads of other heartfelt messaging. As they fill it up, it'll become a unique record of fun times with family and friends.

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If game night is a true occasion in your household, you need this candle to complete the scene. Printed with a cheeky label and available in three delicious scents (Vanilla Bean, Comfort Spice, or Sea Breeze), it will be the perfect way to set the mood for a bit of serious competition.

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Is your game-loving friend also obsessed with crime shows? Then they need Hunt A Killer in their life. This group-friendly game will have them solving puzzles, deciphering codes, examining evidence, and piecing together clues. If they like Murder at the Motel, you can follow up with Death at the Dive Bar, Body on the Boardwalk, or any other games in the collection.

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was $24.95

People who are serious about board games need the right gear, like this adorable flat-bottom tote that fits lots of games and zips closed to protect them from the elements. The canvas bag is illustrated with messaging that lets the world know just how much your giftee values the joy of bonding through games.

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Advent calendars come in every variety these days, and this family-friendly version is a fantastic find for giftees of all ages. It includes 24 boxes of fun, including Farkle, Dominoes, Mini Bowling, Cat's Cradle, and so many more.

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was $29.99

Stir up their creativity — and perhaps have a hand in creating the best new board game! — with this DIY set from Apostrophe Games. With tons of blank pieces, playing cards, rule sheets, and a board, you or a friend can basically craft up the board game of your dreams.

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was $349.00

Games that also serve as decor? Yes, please! The four magnetic boards — backgammon, checkers, chess, tic tac toe — in this set are not just strikingly stylish, they're also functional, playable games. Your giftee and a friend can go head to head while the pieces hang on the wall, or they can easily remove them to play the traditional way (horizontally).

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was $32.00

For the super-stylish game player in your life, take a look at this throw pillow that recalls retro gaming at its finest. You can order it in four different sizes and choose whether you want it for indoor or outdoor use.

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was $43.99

Fans of Britney Spears and ‘90s music will go “Crazy” for this themed Monopoly edition. Players move around the board using tokens inspired by the pop princess’ music videos — including a pillbox hat (“Toxic”), lion (“Circus”), and basketball (“Baby One More Time”) — but instead of buying properties, you’re buying her biggest gold and platinum hits. Feeling “Lucky,” anyone?

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was $16.15

Socks as a stocking stuffer? How meta! These super-soft crew socks are adorned with images of classic board games like Monopoly, Life, and Operation. The more you buy, the more you save, so stock up on pairs for a whole bunch of your fun-loving friends.

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Who needs fidgets when you can play with this uber-fun, teeny-tiny Operation? This pocket-sized version of the classic game is perfect for passing the time and includes the board, four body parts, a light-up buzzer, tweezers, and a carrying case.

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For the board-gamer who has 'em all, gift them a place to neatly store them. This large plastic bin from The Home Edit keeps its contents visible yet tidy. Each one is designed to stack securely on top of the other, as well as mix and match with the other pieces in The Home Edit line of storage solutions.

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was $410.00

The Checkered Dice Pattern Rug takes one of gaming's most iconic symbols as inspiration for its high-style look. Combining dice with the ever-trendy checkerboard print, it's a surefire winner whether your giftee is into craps, Monopoly, or anything in between. It's also available in a range of sizes (and prices).

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An IKEA FRAKTA bag works great to carry games, but this canvas cargo bag is a serious upgrade for any board game lover. It’s sized perfectly to fit two stacks of typical 12″ x 12″ game boxes inside.

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If you already know what games your giftee likes to play, there’s a treasure trove of game-specific accessories from woodworkers and 3D printers on Etsy. Just like this piece holder for Settlers of Catan, thoughtful accessories can make favorite games easier to play and store.

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was $47.99

Not only is this engine-building game a fun challenge for avid tabletop gamers, it's also beautiful to look at. Designed by Elizabeth Hargraves and illustrated by Natalia Rojas, Ana María Martínez Jamarillio, and Beth Sobel, this colorful avian game is all about earning points with bird cards, eggs, and food.

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was $229.00

A checkerboard accent table is perfect for a game of chess or checkers, holding a cute lamp, or both! The hairpin legs on this pick are ultra-trendy and come in black and brass colorways.

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For somebody who really loves a game with a theme — or just really loves pizza — this fun family game is about divvying up slices of pie. The game box opens like a pizza box, the rules are printed like a menu, and the scorecard is an order receipt.

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was $20.00

OK, so this isn't technically a board game, but it'll provide any game lovers plenty of fun. With more than 98,000 reviews on Amazon, you know that this is a seriously good game. Exploding Kittens is made for 2-5 players and is also a game that kids can enjoy. The game's premise is neat: You're just trying to avoid the exploding kittens. Why are they exploding? We don't know.

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MoMA Design Store

This mid-century-looking version of the classic Backgammon game board is another option that's as pretty as it is fun. Made of beechwood, it will pull double duty as a cute coffee table accessory and a source of endless hours of strategy-based amusement.

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Chronicle Books

No room for the beechwood backgammon board? Try this completely compact and portable (but equally pretty) blue roll-up version from Chronicle Books.

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was $173.00

Why spread board games out on a coffee table where half the players have to sit on the floor? This set of four chairs and a folding table gives everyone a comfy seat without taking up too much space when not in use.

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For games with tons of pieces, these little collapsible trays will help players stay organized — and keep everyone from losing important game pieces into the void between the sofa cushions.

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For people who love Harry Potter, Clue, or both, this fun game is set against the majestic backdrop of Hogwart's Castle. It could also be a great gift for a collector of movie memorabilia.

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L.L. Bean

For something really luxe, there’s this L.L. Bean game board featuring both Scrabble and Monopoly. It can be engraved with the family name or a favorite saying, so they can play and treasure it for years to come.

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A favorite of classroom teachers, these lightweight foam dice will eliminate the clacking of dice — allowing more room for conversation around the game table.

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was $39.99

This party game certainly is certainly a conversation starter. Working from "ranges," like “hot/cold” and “rough/smooth,” teams rotate a dial to guess a specific spot within the range.

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This game-themed mansion in Gatlinburg has Scrabble-, Game of Life-, Monopoly-, and chess-themed bedrooms — not to mention giant playable games. Book a night or two for a fun family getaway.

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Uncommon Goods

Another personalized option? This wood-cut “four across” game. What better gift for a couple could there be than to have their names and an important date carved into a classic two-player game board?

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Pottery Barn
was $399.00

If your recipient's go-to game is Clue, splurge on this luxury wooden version of the classic whodunit game, complete with custom-designed accessories and a drawer to keep them in.

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was $34.16

This mint-green Monopoly wall clock would look great in a game room, and it's only $35. Ready to order? Just add to cart — do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

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If your recipient's game collection has grown a bit hard to manage and they could use some extra storage, try this mesh stacking sorter from Amazon. It's perfect for storing a few extra boxes in a small space.

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was $119.00

If your friend or family member is particularly into the game Risk, this is the gift to top all other gifts. It's a bit of a splurge, but the look on someone's face when they realize what it is will be absolutely priceless and totally worth it.

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Even your most game-obsessed friend probably doesn't have this tabletop game. It combines dice, cards, and wooden pieces that would look as good set up on a table as any other piece of real decor. It's also wooden so you know it's going to last for years and years to come — the perfect gift to be passed down for generations.

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This 18x30-inch doormat is a great find for the Scrabble lover in your life. It's sure to send to message to guests as soon as they walk in the door: In this house, we strategically block our opponents from the Triple Word Score. (And also welcome home.)

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Chances are, the board game aficionado in your life has played the online or tabletop version of Ticket to Ride, so why not get them a vintage-looking travel poster that's a decorative, but not over-the-top, nod to the locomotive game?

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was $48.00

If you've never played Ludo, you might think this water bottle just has a cool geometric design, but your board game-savvy friend is sure to be in the know (and excited!) about this pick. This under-$40 gift will keep them hydrated while they play.

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The Container Store

When it's time to put a game back in its box, this 13-compartment container can help to keep cards and tiny pieces organized and will fit in most standard game boxes.