This Pasta Artist Designed Gigi Hadid’s Quirky Rainbow Cabinets, But That’s Only One of Her Colorful Creations

updated Jul 31, 2020
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After supermodel Gigi Hadid gave fans a tour of her colorful New York City apartment, people couldn’t stop obsessing over one particularly unique decor piece: her rainbow pasta cabinets. Hadid shared that she’d spent all of 2019 designing her “dream spot,” and while the cushy abode has tons of vibrant features, it’s five of her kitchen cabinets that fans can’t stop talking about. The cream cabinets with gold detailing feature a fun added surprise: clear glass pocket displays containing rainbow-hued pasta, something that came to life thanks to Linda Miller Nicholson, an Instagram-famous pasta artist.

When you think of pasta art, you probably conjure up images of toddlers gluing some macaroni noodles to construction paper. But Miller Nicolson creates actual works of art made out of plant-dyed pastas, telling People magazine that Hadid had followed her on Instagram for years before reaching out to design something for her cabinets—the end result being four cabinets showcasing the Seattle-based artist’s favorite pasta shapes in a slew of rainbow hues.

The project took Miller Nicholson six weeks to develop, as she had to figure out how to ensure the shelf-life of the pasta in each case. “I had to hand lacquer and shellac every piece of pasta,” she said, joking, “so no snacking on that pasta!”

Of working with Hadid to create this statement piece, the pasta pro told People, “She pulled the artistic vision together herself,” adding, “I find it really lovely when someone does actually take the time to do something like that, because they know their space and they know their own creative vision and they have their own understanding of how they want to live.” She called Hadid “truly one of the kindest people.”

Miller Nicholson has also worked with fellow famous clients including Katy Perry and Matthew McConaughey, but she doesn’t just specialize in decking out the homes of the rich and famous. She wrote a book called “Pasta, Pretty Please” and also sells homemade rainbow pasta dough kits, all of which are available for purchase on her website. But it’s her Instagram page that has fans (including Hadid herself) salivating, and with good reason.

Some of the highlights include a recent portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg made entirely of dyed pasta to patriotic face mask-shaped pasta in celebration of the Fourth of July. There’s also a Baby Yoda pasta portrait and edible delights for every season and occasion, all made with natural food coloring from beets, blueberries, and more. If her creations look good enough to eat, that’s because (most of them) are. Although given how gorgeous each one is, it’s understandable if you don’t want to.