A Ranking of the Best “Gilmore Girls” Interiors

published Oct 3, 2020
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Credit: Netflix

Grab some Pop-Tarts and Chinese food from Al’s Pancake World: “Gilmore Girls” celebrates a major anniversary this month. The beloved mother-daughter dramedy turns 20 on October 5, making it an ideal time to revisit the charming small town of Stars Hollow and its eccentric residents. Or, most importantly, the interiors. From the rustic and vibrant Dragonfly Inn to Paris Geller’s contemporary townhouse in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino served up major decor inspo throughout the series’ run. 

In honor of the show’s anniversary, below is a compilation of the best “Gilmore Girls” interiors, ranked from the best to the absolute best. (There are no bad interiors in the “Gilmore Girls” universe, if you ask me.) 

Credit: Netflix
Dragonfly Inn

12. Kim’s Antiques

“You break it, you buy it” is the motto at Kim’s Antiques, a quaint little shop that also doubles as a home for Lane Kim and her mother, Mrs. Kim. While a bit cramped inside from all that inventory of antique furniture and goods, it still manages to feel nice and cozy with all its collectibles, hardwood floors, and a kitchen spacious enough to cook up some homemade kimchi. 

11. Independence Inn

Light blue walls, dark hardwood floors, and floor-to-ceiling windows make up the Independence Inn, the charming location where Lorelai, Sookie, and Michel worked prior to opening up the Dragonfly. While it experienced a fire mishap, it’s hard to forget the space filled with Victorian and contemporary furniture. Plus, who could forget the cute little shed behind the inn that Lorelai and Rory briefly lived in? 

Credit: Netflix
Logan's London flat

10. Babette and Maury’s house

Fans first get a glimpse of this eccentric low-ceiling abode in the Season 1 episode, “That Damn Donna Reed.”  Rory prepares Dean an old-fashioned dinner while cat-sitting for Babette after the two get into an argument, offering a glimpse of the interior filled with floral wallpaper, quaint crown moldings, and very, very low ceilings.

9. Sookie and Jackson’s house 

Sookie and Jackson’s house (which would later become Lane and Zack’s house in the Netflix revival) had those vibrant coral painted walls accented with white window frames that were reflective of Sookie’s warm and fun personality. Complete with upholstered floral armchairs and couches, the space had the ultimate “small town” feel.

Credit: Netflix
Paris and Doyle's townhouse

8. Logan’s London flat

Rory split her time between London and New York in “A Year in the Life,” giving fans a glimpse of her college boyfriend Logan’s modern London apartment. With light gray furniture and other neutral decor accents along with some hardwood floors, the entire flat had a very “bachelor” feel to it. Artwork filled the walls throughout, too. 

7. Paris and Doyle’s townhouse

Who could forget Paris and Doyle’s three-story townhouse from the revival? Paris often lamented about having to get to the third floor in this elevator-less abode, which she shared with her husband Doyle and their two children. Floor-to-ceiling windows, wooden frame moldings, and modern furniture made the space so inviting. 

Credit: Netflix
Luke's Diner

6. Lane’s apartment

When Mrs. Kim discovered Lane’s secret stash of CDs and makeup under the floorboards of her room, she kicked her daughter out, forcing her to find an apartment with bandmates Zack and Brian. The result was a relatively run down space with no curtains and minimal shelf space, but there’s still something special about that “first apartment” space. You never forget your first. And Zack and Brian’s bunk beds in the living room? Iconic. 

5. Luke’s Diner

A “no cellphones” sign, a special’s board, warm green walls, and a grump with a backwards baseball cap are just a few of the charming elements of this space that used to be a hardware shop. And who could forget Luke’s tiny apartment located just one floor above—an office converted into a quaint living space filled with wooden interiors and floral curtains. Somewhere, there’s a drawer with Jess’ Walmart name tag and vest. 

Credit: Netflix
Emily and Richard's mansion

4. Emily and Richard’s Hartford mansion

Elegant brocade fabrics, opulent antiques, and oil paintings make up Emily and Richard’s mansion, also Lorelai’s childhood home, in Hartford, Connecticut. There’s also a vast backyard where flowers bloom aplenty and white patio furniture gives the space a sophisticated touch. Don’t forget about the massive portrait of Rory reading a book in Richard’s luxe study. 

3. Lorelai and Rory’s house 

Antique rocking chairs, a white couch (one much too “lumpy” for Emily), and whimsical decor like a Betty Boop flower vase are a few of the elements in mother-daughter duo Lorelai and Rory’s abode, also later shared with their dog, Paul Anka. The yellow walls, white trims, and hardwood flooring make it the ideal space to eat pizza and watch movies.

Credit: Netflix
Emily's Nantucket cottage

2. Dragonfly Inn

Floral wallpaper, wooden wall trims, and plaid curtains are some of the components that make Lorelai, Sookie, and Michel’s Dragonfly Inn so rustic and quaint. Hues of greens, reds, browns, and yellows gives the space a countryside and farm-like feel, making it warm and inviting.

1. Emily’s Nantucket cottage

Emily leaves Hartford in “A Year in the Life” and moves into a white cottage on the shores of Nantucket after Richard’s passing. Perhaps the best revival storyline, Emily experiences personal growth after her husband’s death—a heartbreaking plot created to correspond with actor Edward Herrmann’s passing. The humble seaside abode with clean white walls and massive windows is not only visually stunning, but representative of Emily beginning her life anew in the wake of grief and loss.