Stars Hollow Fans, Check Out These 6 Living Rooms Inspired by ‘Gilmore Girls’ Characters

updated Oct 5, 2019
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Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Where you lead, I will follow, anywhere that you tell me toooo…Oh! I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to get that song out of my head. It might have something to do with the fact that Saturday, October 5 marks 19 (!!) years since we were introduced to the chattiest mother-daughter duo to ever cross our screens.

That’s right, “Gilmore Girls” premiered 19 years ago, and while I may be celebrating with song, others, like e-design company Modsy are celebrating with interior decorating. Under the guidance of their VP of Style, Alessandra Wood, Modsy has designed six living rooms, each inspired by a different Stars Hollow resident. Scroll below to see how your favorite characters from “Gilmore Girls”—which, let me say it louder for the people in the back, premiered 19 years ago—translate into 2019 home design. 

Lorelai Gilmore

It’s quirky, yet comfortable. It’s buzzing with energy, yet perfect for a night in watching old movies. It’s all things Lorelai. As Wood points out, Lorelai “mixes traditional furniture with unconventional decor that feels eccentric and a bit funky,” so Modsy gave her living room a traditional slipcover sofa with rolled arms, but in a bold cinnamon velvet. Not to mention, fun fabrics, funky lamps, and flamingos abound! 

Rory Gilmore

Much less chaotic than her mother, a Rory Gilmore living room plays up the east coast charm. Wood describes Rory’s aesthetic as “the perfect mix of coastal and classic, combined in a relaxed and almost effortless way.” Since this Yalie has always been into reading, Modsy gave Rory’s room a dedicated reading corner by the fireplace, complete with the Serena & Lily Balboa shelf. Now, where she makes decisions regarding her copious amounts of love triangles, we’ll never know. 

Luke Danes

“Luke’s space is all about ease and comfort,” Wood says. Ease and comfort and fishing and coffee, I say. His living room gets some masculine charm, and Modsy was sure to mix different weathered woods, metals, leathers, and plaids, with some elements from Luke’s dad’s hardware store. It’s both rustic and comfortable. And it has his favorite ‘No cell phones’ sign. No Luke Danes dwelling would be complete without it.

Sookie St. James

Ah, a room for the quirkiest best friend any woman could have. Like the character, Sookie’s living room is bold, a little bit eccentric, but completely inviting. Wood notes that “the mix of floral and geometric patterns speak to the chaos she creates in the kitchen.” I don’t know what I need more immediately: The Anthropologie Emma-Printed Tillie Armchair, or the Crate & Barrel Jenny Lind Teal Bookcase. And make sure you take a closer look at the photos to peep some “Gilmore Girls” easter eggs, like Sookie and Jackson’s wedding photo on the mantle, and the “Dragonfly Inn” poster by the front door. 

Paris Geller

Bless this cold, industrial room, and bless the character it represents. Bless! Paris! Geller! Wood and the Modsy team wanted to capture “the intensity of Paris and how different she is from the other characters in the series.” To do so, Modsy stuck to minimalist decor and furniture—like the Wassily black leather chair and concrete coffee table from West Elm—and paired it with a monochrome color scheme, all the way down to the white brick wallpaper in the foyer. A Paris Geller dream home.

Emily Gilmore

It’s formal, it’s sophisticated, and it has two gorgeous brass side tables perfect for holding martinis. This is a room for any Emily Gilmore fan (there are so many of us!). Wood notes that they changed the layout of the living room from one like Lorelai’s in which the couch is facing the TV, and instead have two sofas facing one another, making it “a space that is fit for conversation and small gatherings.” And the perfect place for Emily to tell Lorelai about all the things she’s doing wrong. Mothers, am I right?

If any of these rooms lead you to some inspiration for your own home, follow this link to the Modsy studio where you can see where to purchase each item, and even take a 360 degree spin around each space.