This “Standing” Nap Pod Lets You Rest Without Lying Down

published Oct 16, 2023
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woman in Giraffenap pod
Credit: Giraffenap

When people worked from home during the pandemic lockdown, it was easier to sneak away from the computer to get a quick 15-minute cat nap in during the day. Now that many are back to working full days at the office, they might be realizing just how much that nap helped get them from 9 to 5.

A company in Japan aims to bring the cat nap into the office with a new standing pod design called “Giraffenap.” KOYOKU Plywood Corporation designed the single-person pod with cushioned supports that cradle the head, buttocks, shins, and feet, allowing a person to sleep without lying down. The company said these support points let the user enter a nap state without compromising relaxation or posture.

Giraffenap pods have already been installed in Nescafe Sleep Cafe in Harajuku, and, during their limited run, patrons used the pods to take power naps on their coffee or lunch breaks. And because they’re standing the entire time, users can wake without feeling dizzy or groggy and get back to business feeling rejuvenated.

The Giraffenap pods come in two models: Forest and Spacia. Forest mimics wooden saunas and encourages calmness and serenity, whereas Spacia looks more like a high-tech space shuttle. 

In both models, the arm pads and seat height can be adjusted to achieve optimal comfort and are easy to clean. The atmosphere inside the pod can also be adjusted to achieve the right lighting, air temperature and quality, and sound barrier for ideal napping conditions. 

These pods are streamlined enough to be placed in almost any working environment and have been designed to blend into any office or coffee shop aesthetic. Or, imagine having these things installed at airports? That would be a game-changer.

Giraffenap pods are currently available for purchase and you can contact KOYOKU Plywood Corporation to get one for your office space. Covid-era cat naps might not be a thing of the past after all.