This Is the French Mirror Trend You’re About to See Everywhere

updated Jul 17, 2020
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You know what they say: Everything old is new again. And no, that doesn’t necessarily mean chunky Fila sneakers or puka shell necklaces, but rather, something ingrained in history. Cue gilded mirrors

Once a hallmark of nobility and wealth—think Versailles with its floor-to-ceiling mirrored halls, for example—reflective glass was once collected by royalty due to its scarcity. Since then, it’s safe to say that it has become an Instagram staple, where gold Baroque decorative mirrors seem to be the accent piece of choice for most. And it’s understandable. We’ve long admired the power of the ornamental mirror, particularly when juxtaposed with a modern backdrop. It feels Parisian and effortlessly “French Girl” chic—the red lip of the decor world, if you will. 

Credit: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

In fact, I have one in my very own dining room. When I was putting this room together, with its moody walls and rich wood tones, I knew it needed the je ne sais quoi that a gilded wood mirror lends to whatever space it graces. Luckily, I had a $25 thrift store find stowed away for the perfect occasion. It makes for a standout vignette in my home, proving the “cherry on top” mastery of the statement piece. 

If you’re ever lucky enough to stumble upon a full-sized version, like the one in this Amsterdam house, we highly suggest snagging it without so much as a second thought. Prop it within an otherwise scantily decorated room and watch it transform with elegance and flair. 

Credit: JP Floru

It only feels apropos to find a giltwood mirror (meaning gold leaf over wood, though sometimes you’ll find them made of bronze) in a French pied-a-terre. If you’re stateside and nowhere near anything that remotely resembles a riviera, create a vignette by pairing an ornate looking glass with an equally elegant lamp set on a glam console or desk.

It only stands to reason that Baroque mirror connoisseurs would find it difficult to stop at just one and if you discover yourself in such a predicament, use the above room (you’d never guess it was in a split-level home from the 1970s) as your muse and consider mounting a few in a gallery wall setup for optimum opulence.

Credit: Emilia Jane

The Savoy Flea owner’s eclectic Chicago pad is a menagerie of found treasures, including a beautifully detailed, antique mirror. We love the idea of pairing it with a jewel-toned velvet sofa for a rich, luxe feel. 

While a majority of these mirrors can be found in bright golden tones, depending on their age and finish, you might find some in darker hues. Unlike a gold mirror, which would clash with the bold mix of patterns and colors in this Austin living room, the bronzed mirror perfectly complements the space. 

If you prefer a more subtle approach, use the venerable glass in an all-white space for maximum impact. In this serene bedroom, together with the gilded lamp, the brass mirror cuts through the neutral palette with some much-needed luster and shine. 

The next time you find yourself in a thrift shop, flea market, or if you’re perusing Craigslist, keep your eyes peeled for a gold mirror. It’s where you’ll probably snag the best deal, though this mirror trend is certainly a little more affordable than the last one we noticed dominating Instagram. And if you’d rather bring one into your home sooner than later (we don’t blame you), here are a few chic finds you might be hard-pressed to resist. 

Gleaming Primrose Mirror

With its baroque frame and elegant iron composition, this vintage-inspired mirror is refined elegance at its finest. Prop it on top of a fireplace mantel and pair with taper candles for a romantic scene.

Buy: Gleaming Primrose Mirror, Starting at $498 from Anthropologie

Credit: PB Teen

Ornate Filigree Mirror

If you’re looking for something a bit more, say, practical, this compact version will do the trick. Pair it with a desk to create a makeshift vanity that’s functional yet chic.

Buy: Ornate Filigree Mirror, $299 from PB Teen

Rosette Arched Dresser Mirror

Leave it to Restoration Hardware to serve us a mirror with hand-carved detailing. This French Art Deco piece features a hardwood frame and an aged finish that will effortlessly complement any decor scheme.

Buy: Rosette Arched Dresser Mirror – Gilt, $499 from RH Baby & Child

Credit: Perigold

Toulouse Mirror

We love this antiqued gold option for its sheer element of versatility. Its detailed frame is not overly opulent but just elegant enough to live in a modern or eclectically decorated room.

Buy: Toulouse Bold & Eclectic Modern Wall Mirror, $276 from Perigold

Credit: Overstock

Roman Gold Wall Mirror

If you’re all about the more is more, look no further. This rectangular mirror’s neo-classical design promises to invite a healthy dose of extravagance to whatever room you place it in.

Buy: Allan Andrews Roman Gold Wall Mirror, $296.22 from Overstock