A Wellness Brand CEO’s Brooklyn Apartment Is Cozy, Eclectic, and Wonderfully Warm

updated Feb 19, 2020

A Wellness Brand CEO’s Brooklyn Apartment Is Cozy, Eclectic, and Wonderfully Warm

updated Feb 19, 2020
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Square feet
Sq ft

Name: Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori
Location: Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
Size: about 700 sq ft
Years lived in: 2 years

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Trinity Mouzon Wofford and her life partner Issey Kobori founded Golde, a Brooklyn-based wellness brand of superfood-boosted skincare and supplements for health and beauty. The idea was to make wellness more accessible, inclusive, and enjoyable. Impressively, Trinity and Issey have grown their business to include partnerships with brands like Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Goop, Chillhouse, and more.

Credit: Chinasa Cooper

Beyond just having a black female CEO in a wellness space dominated by white women, Golde has also set itself apart in the field by its use of cheery colors and happy graphics. Issey is a “multi-disciplinary photographer and designer” whose work “is centered in product photography and eye-catching design for engaging consumer goods brands.” Golde’s whole ethos is that “being well should feel good,” and the colors of their packaging and marketing materials relay that vibe.

Credit: Chinasa Cooper

When it came to decorating the home Trinity and Issey share, in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, the couple focused on how each item would contribute to their overall wellness. Color palettes are muted and soothing. The airiness of the small space is highlighted by minimal furnishings and lots of natural light, a perfect backdrop for two busy entrepreneurs who often work from home. And all of it was decorated on a tight budget; they admit that 80 percent of what’s in the apartment is from the basements and storage units of family members!

Credit: Chinasa Cooper

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Cozy, Eclectic, Warm

Inspiration: Family heirlooms and past travels

Favorite Element: Our record player was a gift from Trinity’s dad, who’s a professional musician. He helped us get it set up, and now we use it pretty much every day. It’s also become really fun to collect records whenever we travel and to hold on to them as keepsakes. 

Credit: Chinasa Cooper

Biggest Challenge: We often work from home, together, so it can be tricky to create space for everything going on. 

What Friends Say: Our friends always remark about how “home-y” our place feels. We love having guests. 

Credit: Chinasa Cooper

Proudest DIY: We have a woodblock print and several photo prints of Issey’s hung on the walls, which was a really cool way to add a personal touch. 

Biggest Indulgence: Our Berkey water filter, which we’re both completely obsessed with. You get much cleaner water than you would from a Brita, and it’s actually way more cost effective in the long run, because the filters last ages. 

Credit: Chinasa Cooper

Best Advice: Don’t knock a hand-me-down! Eighty percent of what’s in our apartment was taken out of our family’s basements and storage units. 

Dream Sources: Design Within Reach



  • Vintage Sofa — From Issey’s family home
  • Vintage Rattan End Tables — ANGL
  • Vintage Bookshelves — From Trinity’s Grandmother
  • Odyssey Table — CB2
  • Plant Tray Tables — IKEA
Credit: Chinasa Cooper


  • Big Berkey Water Filter — Berkey
  • Chrome Shelving — ULINE
  • Simplehuman Dish Rack — Amazon
Credit: Chinasa Cooper


  • Linen Duvet Cover — Parachute
  • Eucalyptus Bed Sheets — Buffy
  • Vintage Rugs — From Trinity’s Grandmother
  • Vintage Dresser — From Trinity’s Grandmother
  • Eddy Sofa — West Elm

Thanks Trinity and Issey!